Tattoos for Men: How about these 8 Popular Ideas…?

Ok guys if you are looking for tattoos for men ideas we will discuss a few here below. But first remember to keep an open mind and don’t just get the first cool looking one you find. There are tribute, tribal, religious, comical, wildlife, marine and so many more categories of tattoos for men to consider. You will also find there are so many tattoo patterns that with a little work you will find the right tattoos for men designs you are looking for. Now just for fun let’s look at some great tattoo categories…

8 Ideas for Tattoos for Men

1. Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos for men

Tribal tattoos for men are among the most popular design patterns out there today. With the linear lines and bold edges it is no wonder why tribal tattoos for men are so popular. For a couple of quick ideas try a tribal arm band in the classic razor wire design in dark ink and in the center of the two bands a tribal turtle design. You may also want to try a tribal dragon image in flight. The tribal flame pattern works well here and looks great in single dark color ink.

2. Star Tattoos

Five Stars tattoo on man

Star tattoos for men are a great classic and look very good in multiple colors of dark ink. The North Star is by far the most common star tattoos for men design. The meaning here is to remind one of his path in life or how to find it again. A simple design to use for star tattoos for men could be a North Star pattern with half of each point of the star in a solid color of your choice. Try adding the north, south, east and west letters to the top of the points.

3. Celtic Tattoos

celtic tattoo on man

Celtic tattoos for men have been a fashionable design and is one of the best looking patterns.  The never ending look and interlocking pattern of the knots make the Celtic cross perfect for men. An idea here is a Celtic knot in all four of branches of the cross with an empty box at the intersection where all four branches meet. You can color in everything in between the knots for a nice finishing touch.

4. Quote Tattoos for Men

man with quote tattoo

Quote tattoos for men are a popular and seen more and more these days. There are love quotes, funny quotes and some with a serious meaning, some are short and some are long, but in the right font for the quote, these tattoos will look great. Most often you will see quotes in a single color dark ink but try adding things to accent your quote like: ribbons, banners, barbwire, guns, or whatever else works well with the quote you choose.

5. Music Tattoos

music tattoo - skull

Music Tattoos for men can make for a great tattoo. Some men prefer music notes or lyrics while some men like band name tattoos. Ideas here are just fir an idea. Try a music notes and lyrics to a part of your favorite song in single color dark ink. You may want your favorite bands name in ink, so tattoo the image of their logo and don’t be afraid to add items to make it your own like flames, ribbons, favorite song names just to name a few.

6. Skull Tattoos for Men

skull tattoos for men

Skull tattoos for men are a favorite in the tattoo world. From cartoonish to very menacing the skull has much to offer; it’s just cool. Skull tattoos of the Grim Reaper are a fan favorite. Try a two dimensional view of the skull looking up at it so you see a little under the chin and cheek bone. With a small grin showing great teeth detail. The Reapers red hood over the top of the skull showing the wear and tear of its long life has a key role in the detail work.

7. Small Tattoos for Men

small tattoo on man's hand

Small Tattoos for Men are always a good choice for men. The great things about small tattoos for men are in the placement; they can go anywhere. Small tattoos for men ideas are the Yin Yang, skulls, guns, eagle, bear, flag, logos, cards, flames; you get the point. Have fun re working any of these ideas to fit your needs.

8. Leg Tattoos for Men

leg tattoo for men

Leg tattoos for men are also very popular do to the amount of space for placement for large tattoos. We have all seen impressive themed works of art running down the leg before. Here are a couple of leg tattoos for men ideas for you to run with. Try the Chinese dragon in an upright position with the head starting at the lower thigh and tail ending at the bottom of the calf. The size alone allows for great detail work in the dragon’s body.  Tribal art work looks great here as well; try a tribal flame design of your animal totem or if you have tribal upper body work already then carry it down to your leg for a complete tribal look.

Coloring & Placement of Body Art for Men

Coloring for tattoos for men look great in single dark colored ink. By adding colors some of the designs will look more appealing to the eye. White, black, red, blue, yellow, brown, orange will be common colors found in these tattoos. Try and use your favorite colors here; remember you can have a green cow in you want to.

Placement for tattoos for men will depend on size; small tattoos look great on the neck, forearm, chest, hand, calf. Larger tattoos look great on the back, shoulder, upper arm, chest, waist, thigh, lower leg.

Tattoos for men are fun to design, color and best of all show off. If you have not made up your mind yet on a design, seek a tattoo artist for their advice and look through the gallery images to help you find the right tattoos for men that fit your need.

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