Tribal Tattoos for Women | Tattoo Designs, Ideas & Meaning

Beautiful Tribal Tattoos for Women

If you are in the market for a tattoo, tribal tattoos for women are a great choice. With their bold dark ink and constant free flowing designs and rich history, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise. By selecting an image that has a close and personal meaning to you or a fashion statement, your tattoo artist can help you achieve that perfect look you desire. Keep an open mind when looking through the gallery pictures. Think about color choices, sizing and placement locations. This article will give some ideas for you to use as possibilities or to just help get the gears turning, and here a few.  Tribal butterflies tattoos, tribal floral arm band tattoos, and tribal dragon tattoos.

Types of Tribal Tattoos for Women

Tribal tattoos for women using the butterfly are commonly seen now days. Whether you are a butterfly lover, nature lover or just using it for a personal reason, you will have to select the right one for you. For a personal meaning in your tattoo, the Chinese tribal butterfly looks great. Try using the perspective from above the butterfly, with its wings spread out letting gravity pull down the wings slightly. Give a bold look to the razor edges of the wings and antennas. Chinese lettering in place of the body, with a reference to your child’s name or some other significant figure adds a personal meaning. The light use of dark red or purple ink will show very well in this tat.

Tribal tattoos for women with a floral design are popular in an arm band form. The use of flowers in the center of the band or even staggering their heights and weaving the outer band through the flower will add the look of movement. Using dark blue ink for the tat with shading on the edge of the flower petals can add a great touch. Use your tattoo artist’s experience for more in-depth ideas with this pattern or different styles for tribal tattoos for women.

Awesome Tribal Tattoos for Women

Tribal tattoos for women with a dragon in them can be used to portray your personality. A dragon at rest can show your peace and tranquility. A dragon with wings out in defiant pose can show an aggressive look. The dragon’s posture can portray many different looks. Talk with your tattoo artist about any patterns they have experience with. Look through the gallery pictures and also discuss the color choice. With the dragon as the center piece, you may want to use the tribal flame style. With these simple ideas to help you in get started, you can see why dragon tribal tattoos for women are a great choice.

With the ideas we have just talked about and by discussing your designs in more detail with your tattoo artist, you will be able to find a design in tribal tattoos for women that you want. These will need a great deal of thought on their size and where you want to place them on your body. Here again is where your tattoo artist’s photo galleries and experience will come in to play.

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