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The Meaning Behind Key Tattoos

Key tattoos are not just your typical key and lock tattoo anymore.  There other key tattoo meanings than the device to open a lock.  Keys are also things we press that connect to make sound or to cause an electrical response.  For example keys on a piano and keys on a keyboard.  Additionally a key can be the little box with symbols and words describing their meaning on maps and other publications using symbols that require explanations.  If you’re really into keys that open locks and want the very first one, it’s a block of wood with three pegs on one end; kind of looks like a short pasta server.  Still the most popular key in terms of keys that open locks is the skeleton key.  While the skeleton key is not the most ancient of all keys it runs a close second place. This key has been around for about three thousand years.  It’s used in tattoos because of the range of classic simplicity to elegant, ornate, beauty.

Types of Key Tattoos and Their Meanings

Key and Lock Tattoos – Key and lock tattoos are unique in their meaning and very mysterious. A viewer of your body art may wonder what is so valuable one must keep it under lock and key. It can represent freedom after a time in time in your life when you’ve felt imprisoned. It could also mean you are unlocking a new chapter in your life. Most often very old keys and locks are used in key tattoos because of their style. Their unique looking designs and craftsmanship can’t be found in modern looking keys and locks.

Key to My Heart Tattoos – Key to my heart tattoos are a very personal statement. These key tattoos usually represents a very good time in your life. Most often the key to my heart tattoos will represent meanings such as; the love you share for someone or only they can unlock your heart. Some ideas for these tattoos include: a heart with a chain draped around it with a skeleton key under the heart with your significant other’s name inked in the key. Negatively, key to my heart tattoos can also represent deep sorrow and betrayal. A heart with a tear or crack and a broken key can symbolize this meaning the best. Additionally, you can add things like, torn ribbons, roses, or even thorns to these key tattoos.

Awesome Key Tattoos

Skeleton key tattoos – Skeleton key tattoos are among the most popular of the key tattoos.  This is probably due to their versatility in design.  Skeleton keys range from very plain to extremely ornate.  A single key alone has many different meanings. These meanings are of a personal nature and a viewer would have to question the wearer of these key tattoos as to their meaning.  Keep in mind, there may not be any meaning.  Many people wear body art for the sake of art. Most certainly skeleton keys are considered metal art.

Piano key tattoos – Piano key tattoos are popular with musicians especially if they play the keyboard or piano.  However using piano keys in a tattoo is also appropriate for a person who may want to show a grouping of instruments to represent their membership and ability to play in a group. It can also be used to just represent your love of music and/or especially music created from the piano.

key tattoos

Key and lock tattoos

Computer key tattoos – Computer key tattoos are a fabulous new category emerging in the tattoo world and the possibilities are endless.  Using these key tattoos in very clever ways provides an opportunity for a unique piece of body art. For instance, commands that require multiple keys, such as control, alt, delete, for rebooting has been seen and the meaning is obvious. For you non computer users; control, alt, delete, pressed all at the same time reboots, or gives the opportunity to stop a program in its tracks.  Using a delete key next to an inked name that cannot be removed could be pretty humorous.

Key Lime Pie Tattoos – Key lime pie tattoos are out there; yes they are.  There is a tattoo for everyone and key lime pie lovers are not exceptions.  This tattoo is awesome because of its coloring but of course would require a very special person to wear it.

Coloring of Key Tattoos

Because of the types of key tattoos we’ve mentioned: key and lock tattoos, key to my heart tattoos, skeleton key tattoos, piano key tattoos, computer key tattoos, and key lime pie tattoos, this coloring topic could be a little lengthy; but we’ll save that for another time and try to keep this section brief, this writing.  Some of these key tattoos are self explanatory in terms of color and some can use some ideas. Key and lock tattoos beg for color.  Metallic and realistic would be nice, but that of course depends on your choice of lock; whether you choose a new and shiny lock or an old and rusty lock.  Computer key tattoos are the most intriguing in terms of color.  You can virtually use any color you want.  Of course, if you’re a Mac user you may want white as opposed to black; but any color would be appropriate; it’s the key tattoo itself that will be significant in meaning.  Piano key tattoos will require an excellent tattoo artist.  Study images.  The shading on these key tattoos makes or breaks the excellent quality of the design.

Placement of Key Tattoos

The majority of the key tattoos would wear well in smaller sizes however that is completely subjective.  If a giant key is your thing; go for it. Large ornate skeleton key tattoos placed on the upper back could be stunning.  On the other hand, tiny skeleton key tattoos are commonly seen in hidden places, like behind an ear. Hiding key tattoos is part of the fun of getting inked with one of these little gems. Piano key tattoos really require a medium to large amount skin.  We’re talking length here; so plan on leg, arm, and back or chest area. If you bring some key lime pie to your tattoo artist, I’m sure they’d more than glad to discuss placement with you.

More Key Tattoo Designs

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Simple key tattoo on the wrist

Forearm key tattoo

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