Vine Tattoos | Tattoo Designs, Ideas & Meaning

Vine tattoos not only look great, but tattoo artist say it is a fun design for them also. Vine Tattoos look very good in a single vine with leaf designs or with multiple vine leaf patterns wondering over the body.  The versatility of the vine as a tattoo is exceptional, they can be draped, wound and works well in a vine band.Vine tattoos are popular with men and women, for women they show well with flowers and butterflies. For men they are often seen with thorns. Vine Tattoos are a great way to draw attention to a part of the body to showcase a particular tattoo.

Types of Vine Tattoos

Vine tattoos in a simple vine pattern alone are a popular design. Most often they are seen in single dark ink and often mimic scroll work. The royal Trumpet vine with its single pointed leaf and beautiful purple flower can work well as a quick vine tattoos idea.

Poison Ivy vine tattoos are ivy vines and leaves that look pretty cool also. Poison ivy is a great climbing vine with dark green and eggplant purple leaves that will look fabulous climbing up your leg and around your waist; it also sends a great defiant message for you girls

The Cypress vine is considered to be among the most beautiful of all the vines. The leaves have a feathery look and their red scarlet trumpet flowers can have a delicate feminine meaning for women, they look great running from your shoulder down around your waist and make beautiful vine tattoos

Jasmine vine tattoos are well known for their beauty and their five petaled white flowers.

Ideas & Suggestions for Vine Tattoos

All that being said; some of the best ways to use vine tattoos is to add them to your existing body art by connecting smaller tattoos and bringing it all together.  Many people start their body art by getting smaller tattoos, maybe a couple on your foot and ankle, for example; this is pretty common with women.  But then given some reflection we start to notice how awesome it would be if we could somehow connect the two pieces and add an additional smaller piece, in effect, start to create a band or a sleeve.  Vine tattoos are a great way to do accomplish this.  Using some of the vine tattoos and ideas listed above will give you plenty of choices to get this work started.

Additionally, for those of you who like to hide hidden objects in your body art, vine tattoos are a great way to do that.  Using some of the ideas above, add some hidden lettering that is meaningful to you in vine tattoos; objects that are important to you work well with these vine tattoos as well.

Color & Placement of Vine Tattoos

Coloring for vine tattoos will be in the world of greens.  Blue-green, turquoise, sea foam, forest green and for a really awesome tattoos multiple greens. Shades of black for depth will also lead the eye to that hidden lettering that isn’t really so hidden.

Placement ideas were discussed above, but again let your imagination run with wrapping vine tattoos around the waist area, legs and arms of your body. In addition bands on the arm and ankle make for great vine tattoos.