Biker Tattoos – Designs, Ideas & Pictures

Biker tattoos are different from motorcycle tattoos simply because they use the word “biker”.   At least in the United States, the word has a completely different connotation than motorcycle rider.  A biker would probably most likely be described as a person who places great importance upon their motorcycle, its brand and the brotherhood that they’ve developed over the years.  Being a biker is a subculture in America.  It’s a way of life.  So, when discussing biker tattoos one must use a little caution.  In other words don’t fly into a tattoo parlor and buy the first piece of flash that you see. It may signify something of great importance in biker subculture.

Ideas for Biker Tattoos

Black Ink Biker Tattoos

If you admire the biker subculture and want biker tattoos here are some super suggestions:

If you own a Harley, get a Harley biker tattoos.  A side view of a chopped Harley in the wind with you alone or with your lady on the back and hair flyin’ in wind always makes a nice tattoo.

For a more simple design, and you own a Harley, the logo, plus eagle is a fabulous choice. This gives great opportunities for design possibilities for biker tattoos.  For instance, you could play with placement of the eagle; full face, full body with wings spread or side view.

Skulls make great biker tattoos. A large skull being blown apart by the power of the wind from your bike as you pass by would make for great themed biker tattoos. This is just a start; let your imagination run with this.  Is there a road? Yes, there’s always a road to run on.  So, large skull, pieces breaking off, blowing into the wind as you pass by on the road, your bike, you on it, wearing your favorite gear; how’s the weather?  I’m seeing a nasty storm, because a real biker would keep ridin’ no matter what. How about some lightening?  Dark clouds and now the skull is pissed off.  But you don’t care, because you never know what’s going to happen on a ride anyway and you’re  leaving him behind to see what’s ahead.  Headlight on? You bet, ’cause it’s dark. Do you want to even take a look at the skull? That’s up to you.  You may want to glance back, maybe not.

Awesome Biker Tattoos

Next, idea for biker tattoos, visualize; custom Harley stopped, headlight on, two dimension front angle perspective,  full body skeleton rider only wearing a skull cap of your choice, left leg extended holding the bike up, leaning forward with his arms crossed along the handle bars, and he’s lookin’ at you…wonderin’  why you’re lookin’ at him…

Coloring & Placement of Biker Tattoos

Coloring for biker tattoos are almost a must.  To achieve the depth and dimension required you’ll need coloring, shading and all the expertise that your tattoo artist has.  You’ll want black, reds, oranges, grays, blues, white, metal colors, and some yellow.

Placement of biker tattoos really require medium to large size skin to do justice, if you want the type of themed bike tattoos we’ve just discussed.  However if you’re looking for something a bit smaller and less complex, the logo and eagle would fit nicely on the shoulder and forearm.

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