20 Great Hunting Tattoos

20 Great Hunting Tattoos

Anyone who is willing to wear hunting body art feels must feel very strongly about their sport.  Hunters aren’t your typical television version of the guy and his gun.  Women and men both hunt and often bring and teach their children. Hunters use bow, guns, fishing poles, and traps; just to name some of their tools.  Additionally they have helpers such as hound dogs.  Once a hunter has bonded and trained their hound to hunt, it’s usually a lifelong partnership.  It’s no wonder that they have the inked as body art as a permanent personal remembrance. People who hunt also ofen specialize in what they hunt after. Ducks, bear, elk, moose, turkey, deer all are sought after in different ways and means. Hunting is truly a sport.

Duck Hunter Tattoo

Duck hunters feel so strongly about their support they’ve created a very strong brotherhood and organization. Duck Hunting Tattoo


Bow Hunter – Elk or Deer

This tattoo is obviously worn by a proud Elk or Deer bow hunter which is symbolized by the arrow.  The light coloring on an otherwise skeletal tatoo presents and air of realizm to this piece.

Bow Hunting Tattoo


Arrow Tattoo

This arrow tattoo has a great forearm placement; perfect for the bow length and representative of a bow hunter. Great Hunting Tattoo Source

Bow and Arrow Tattoo

This person is showing their love for hunting with bow and arrow.  This is a very nice example of a wrist tatto in smaller size; yet with a good amount of detail!

Bow and Arrow Hunting Tattoo


Skull and Arrows Tattoo

This tattoo has gives an impression of Native American influence.  The arrows coupled with the coloring on the skull are responsible for that.  The colors are reminiscent of a typical Native American medicine wheel.

Skull and Arrows Hunting Tattoo



Hound Dog Tattoo

A small tattoo on the lower stomach of a hound dog often see with hunters.

Hound Dog Hunting Tattoo

Source   Two Bears A full back tattoo of two bears fighting with one another in the wilderness.

Full Back Hunting Tattoo



Bear at the River

A bear fishing in the river minding its own business.

Bear Hunting Tattoo



Elk Tattoo

A shoulder tattoo of an elk standing in the field.

Elk Hunting Tattoo



Deer Tracks Tattoo

A black arm cuff made of barbwire and deer tracks.

Deer Tracks Hunting Tattoo



Duck Hunt Tattoo

A colorful back tattoo with two rifles crossing each other with two ducks flying away and a hound dog at the bottom. Duck Hunting Tattoo



Up a Tree Raccoon Tattoo

A black and grey tattoo with a raccoon up a tree and a hunting dog barking at the base of the tree. Great Hunting Tattoo



Ducks and a Hound

A colorful scene with ducks flying off as a hound dog chases them.

Colorful Hunting Tattoo



Two Deer Back Tattoo

This tattoo appears to be peeling off his back as two deer in the woods are shown on the “other side”. Bold Deer Hunting Tattoo



Raccoon Gets Away

As the hound dog continues to bark up the tree, the sneaky raccoon sneaks away unnoticed.

Dog and Raccoon Hunting Tattoo



In Memory of Dad

A tattoo designed in memory of this person’s dad who loved to go hunting.

Awesome Hunting Tattoo



Elite Hunting

A basset hound in black and grey scale on the shoulder.

Elite Hunting Tattoo



Hunting Lodge Tattoo

A black and grey tattoo dedicated to a hunting lodge with different animals surrounding “Colorado Eight 73″ Hunting Tattoo Design



Duck and Hound Tattoo

The brown detailed hound dog is stalking the colorful prized duck on this person’s forearm.

Duck and Hound Hunting Tattoo


Elmer Fudd Hunting Tattoo

A more playful hunting tattoo with a picture of Elmer Fudd pointing his gun toward the “ground”.

Playful Hunting Tattoo


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