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Eagle tattoos are about as American as you can get. Americans love the eagle; no doubt about it.  This bird is the symbol of our nation and is used symbolically for our military, in tattoos, on flags, and we have gone to great lengths to preserve it and still do as it wound its way toward extinction.  No wonder either because if you’ve ever seen one of these birds in real life, you’ll never forget it.  Just the sight of an eagle nest high up in a stag tree beside a lake is enough to implant a vision in the long term memory portion of your brain.  The possibility for tattoos is as free as the freedom this bird represents, so let it flow! Below are some ideas for eagle tattoos to get that wheel turning.  If you are American and have even a touch of patriot in you, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Types of Eagle Tattoos


Bald Eagle Tattoo on arm

Stunning Bald Eagle Tattoo

Bald Eagle Tattoos – Bald eagle tattoos capture the image of maybe the most elegant and powerful bird on the planet. This iconic predator with its white head and yellow bill and black and brown body really look great in a tattoo. Ideas for bald eagle tattoos could be; a bald eagle in flight as it is about to settle on a branch with its leg and claws out and grasping and its wings high in its stroke acting as a large air brake. Or you can try a close up of the head with that yellow bill and light yellow eye, well defined white feathers against the black and brown body, making great bald eagle tattoos.

Patriotic Eagle Tattoos – Patriotic eagle tattoos are for the patriot!  If you are searching for that perfect tattoo to show your pride for the USA than look no further, you want patriotic eagle tattoos. There are many design patterns to choose from and they all have the great Red, White and Blue. For an example try a head shot of the eagle in a side view, than divide the head in to red, white and blue thirds. You may also try a bald eagle in flight with the normal coloring of the head but past that start slowly blending the wings and body in to a USA flag.


Golden Eagle Tattoos – The Golden Eagle tattoos are also a favorite in the tattoo field. This magnificent bird has a beautiful dark brown body with golden brown plumage on their head and neck. Ideas here for golden eagle tattoos are;  a golden eagle at the very top of a tree on a branch,  wings folded tightly to its body, searching below for any movement, a two dimensional view of the Golden Eagle, very low over water with talons at the ready to snag it next meal.  This tattoo could make a great large scale scene with lot of detail in a high country lake setting.

Mexican Eagle Tattoos -The Mexican Eagle tattoos may look familiar to you if you have seen the Mexican flag. The eagle is sitting on top of a cactus plant with a snake in its bill and wings out for balance. Most often the Mexican eagle tattoos are done in single dark ink and look very good. Some people are adding additional colors to brighten the image and those are okay, but keep in mind it is a proud people’s flag and keep it respectful.

Wolf and Eagle Tattoos – Wolf and eagle tattoos are becoming more and more popular. Wolf and eagle tattoos are often in a fantasy image and can result in a great tattoo design. Try a side view with the head of the wolf looking to the right and the eagle looking to the left, and then blend the back of the heads together. You may like this also;  a tribal razor design wolf, in full running stride, with the front half of the wolf a tribal eagle with wings in replacing the wolfs legs.

Flag and Eagle Tattoos – Flag and eagle tattoos are a fabulous patriotic design that looks great as body art. Americans are a patriotic people that will do anything we have to protect our rights that we have fought for so hard. Try a tattoo design with the American flag that is war torn and weathered flying proudly as the background and a bald eagle head centered in the middle. You can also try a close up of a Harley Davidson fuel tank, with a windblown American flag paint job and the eagle head from the Screaming Eagle logo in white above the tank and the words Screaming Eagle in orange and black below the tank for nice Harley themed flag and eagle tattoos.

Tribal Eagle Tattoos – Tribal eagle tattoos look so good in the lineal dark ink. Their meaning of power, strength, wisdom and endurance works for both men and women. Try a tribal eagle tattoos design in the flame pattern with the full body and wings spread open. Or try a close up of the eagle head in the tribal razor pattern; the sharp edges look great. This design looks awesome in your totem.

Coloring for eagle tattoos

Eagle tattoos look very good in single color dark ink and will stand out in a crowd. By adding color the image tends to soften a bit, but in the end it is worth it. Eagles will have dark brown, golden brown, black, white and yellow. You will also see the colors of nature that you may have used in your tattoo design and red white and blue for an American flag. Look at the Mexican Flag for coloring tips for the Mexican eagle tattoos so you are sure to be correct.

Placement and sizing for eagle tattoos

Eagle tattoos look great in a medium to large size. They look stunning in these sizes on the back, shoulder, upper arm, chest, waist, and upper leg. Small eagle tattoos wear very nice on the base of the neck, forearm and lower leg. Your tattoo artist’s experience will come in very handy here with advice and their gallery images to complete your favorite eagle tattoos designs.

More Eagle Tattoo Photos

eagle tattoo
Small eagle tattoo on shoulder
eagle tattoo on chest
In progress: large chest eagle tattoo
eagles tattoos
Two eagle tattoos on either side of the chest

Beautiful Photos of Eagles for Inspiration


Bald Eagle



Newly Fledged Juvenile Bald Eagle


Eagle in Flight


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