Dove Tattoos – Lovely Dove Tattoo Designs, Ideas & Meaning

Dove tattoos are extremely popular for a number of reasons.  Primarily their popularity stems from meaning.  Some people look for tattoos for the pure enjoyment of body art and others for meaning.  Dove’s are definitely full of meaning.  It was a dove who told Noah from the Christian bible that the flood was subsiding; therefore they are recognized as messengers from God. They also represent Peace, Love, Purity and Innocence.

Ideas for Dove Tattoos

Heart And Dove Tattoos – Heart and dove tattoos are a great design for both men and women. This popular tattoo design tends to be seen more often among spouses but is also seen in family and friends tattoos as well. Heart and dove tattoos have a meaning of love and peace which you know we can all use. Visualize this dove and heart tattoos idea; an outline of the dove in a simple design with a heart in vivid color behind the doves head and in front of the dove. Adding stars and ribbon banners to the bottom of these dove tattoos will give a nice finishing touch.

Olive Branch and Dove Tattoos – Olive branch and dove tattoos are still a popular tattoo design. The combination of the olive branch and dove can represent victory and success in everyday life. Try a side view of the dove in flight with the wings in the top of the stroke in light blue ink with green olive branch hanging down out of its beak. It was after a dove who delivered the olive branch to Noah to signify the flood was subsiding and they were close to land.

Peace and Dove Tattoos – Peace and dove tattoos are a stylish design with a retro look and a great meaning. The peace sign has a meaning we can all relate to at least on some level. The images of the two are the perfect symbols of peace and love. A simple peace and dove tattoos idea would be a side view of the dove with the wings in the down stroke. There will be room for a semi round circle in between the two wings for the peace sign and will look great in Tied Dye coloring.

healed dove tatTurtle Dove TattoosTurtle Dove Tattoos are a seen as a symbol of true friendship. This tattoo is very popular when two friends separate for periods of time. Try two doves sitting on a branch side by side leaning across each other. A top view of a simple turtle outline with a simple dove outline in the center of the turtle shell is quite popular at the moment.

Flying Dove Tattoos – Flying dove tattoos are a great design and can be very fun to custom create. The flying dove is seen in tattoos for a meaning of freedom. The fun in this pattern lies in how realistic you want dove tattoos to look.  A couple of examples: 1. Try a view from slightly below the dove in flight. This view will give good detail of the wings at the top of their stroke and tail feathers spread wide open.  2.  You may also try tribal flying dove tattoos in the razor pattern just soften the edges a bit to create a friendly look.

Cross and Dove Tattoos – Cross and dove tattoos are a design that is getting more popular every day. Some Christians say the cross and dove tattoos are the only tattoo that they will have on their body. Try a view from a little above the wooden cross showing good detail in with small nicks, chips and grain. Above the cross a dove in flight coming right at you as if it is in a dive, with wings in the down stroke.

Angels Wings and Dove Tattoos  –  Angels wings and dove tattoos are popular with both guys and girls,  The dove here represents man’s messenger to god, and the angel wings represent your love one who has passed on. The image of angel wings and dove tattoos look great in a standalone piece or looks even better in a themed work with plenty of color.

Tiny Dove Tattoos – Tiny dove tattoos are a great choice when considering a dove tattoo. The tiny size allows for some very unique placement ideas. A two dimensional view of the side and top of the dove allows for good detail in a very even in the tiny size. You can add an olive branch in its beak for a nice touch.

Rose And Dove Tattoos – Rose and dove tattoos are a great design for both men and women. Remember the meanings of the dove are love, peace and purity and a beautiful vibrant colored rose give a meaning of a blessed life and that is worthy of some ink. Try a view of the dove sitting on a small branch, below and seen over the top of the branch is several different colored roses with plenty of leaves for great rose and dove tattoos.

Images of Doves for Inspiration

peace doveCurious lookRoCk Pigeon - 2 little hands . . .“Come out of the circle of time And into the circle of love.” Rumipeace dovestemple of peace

Coloring & Placement of Dove Tattoos

Coloring for dove tattoos are some of the colors we have talked about above, but colors are always your personal choice. Colors for doves are white, grey and black. Dove tattoos also look great in single dark colored ink. There are basic colors seen in the tattoos discussed here and they are white, black, tied dye, grey, green, yellow, blue, orange, red, purple and brown.

Placement small dove tattoos look great on the neck, shoulder blade, forearm, chest, waist and ankle. Larger work will show well on the upper back, chest, waist, thigh and lower leg.

Dove tattoos are seen for many reasons like love, peace and friendship just to name a few. With these beautiful messages behind dove tattoos it is no surprise that dove tattoos are a favorite with so many men and women. Your tattoo artist can help customize any of the designs above for a personalized touch. There are many galleries to look over to help with different dove tattoos not talked about above.


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