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White Tattoos
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White ink tattoos
have become very popular in recent years. A white ink tattoo design can be of any other style of tattoo except that it is drawn in white ink. At first glance, a white ink tattoo design can look more like a scar than a tattoo. This can give them a ghostly appearance – a completely different look to a normal tattoo. The effectiveness of a white ink tattoo depends a lot on your own natural skin color. White ink tattoos are best for people with pale skin and few freckles. Too many freckles can make a white ink tattoo look uneven. If you have very dark skin a white ink tattoo will tend to look quite transparent.

One advantage of white ink tattoos is that they are much less noticeable than tattoos in black or brightly coloured ink. If you want to get a tattoo somewhere quite prominent, like on the wrist, but keep it quite low-key and discreet, then a white ink tattoo could be a very good choice. A small white ink tattoo on the inside of the wrist would only be noticeable under pretty close inspection. It’s almost like a secret tattoo. This makes them a good choice for people who want a tattoo in such a place, but need to project a certain image for their work or home life.

History of White Ink Tattoos

Traditionally tattoo artists only used white ink to highlight small parts of a traditional tattoo design. The use of white ink for a complete design is a relatively new phenomenon and it’s probably impossible to place it’s exact origin. There are many reason why a person might choose a white ink tattoo over a more colourful design. While many think of tattoos as something with which to make a bold statement, this isn’t always the case. Tattoos can be deeply personal and are often concealed in hidden places.

A white ink tattoo design takes this a step further by being much more subtle and easier to conceal than a colourful design. Perhaps you want a tattoo which has a lot of meaning, but is only really noticed by yourself and the people close to you that you want to share it with. A white ink tattoo design can be the perfect choice.

However, not everyone chooses a white tattoo design for it’s subtlety. Many people just like the way a white tattoo looks after it has healed. The end result can often resemble an intricate scar. In fact, White ink tattoo designs are often used as a less messy alternative to scarification. Pretty much any tattoo design could be rendered in white ink. However, it is probably best to stick to relatively simple designs as a detailed design might be very hard to see.

Advantages of White Ink Tattoo designs

White ink tattoo designs have many advantages over normal tattoos. Many people have careers which prevent them from having tattoos on the forearms or hands and other highly visible places. A discreet white ink tattoo design can be a great way round this. However, white ink tattoos are far from invisible. Would you spend money on one if they were? They can just be subtle enough to get away with somewhere that a more colorful tattoo would drop you in trouble.

Drawbacks of White Ink Tattoos

You do need to be quite careful when you choose a White ink tattoo design. Many tattoo artists are quite wary of white ink tattoo designs, as there are few guarantees on how it will turn out. Everyone has different skin color, which means the results are very hard to predict. Unfortunately, until you try it there is no way to know for sure. Against certain skin colors, white ink tattoo designs can look slightly cream or yellow. Upon darker skin they can go translucent.

White Tattoos
Cool White Tattoos

Due to their very nature, White ink tattoos also tend to fade much faster than darker and more colorful tattoos. This can be annoying for both the customer and the artist, if you decide to go back and complain. Just remember it’s not his fault. White ink tattoos work differently on everyone and it’s a pretty safe bet he warned you about this at the start! To get the best results, try to avoid placing a white ink tattoo design somewhere it will get a lot of sunlight as this can cause them to fade a lot faster. You should also check which brand of ink your tattooist uses, as some of these are better than others.

Celebrities with White Ink Tattoos include:

Model Kate Moss has a white ink tattoo design of stars on the side of her body.

Model Jasmine Lennard has a white ink tattoo design on her right wrist.

Actress Lindsey Lohan has a white ink tattoo design on her wrist.

Where on the body could you wear a White Ink Tattoo?

White ink sakura tattoo

White ink sakura tattoo

A White ink tattoo is really just another tattoo design rendered in white ink, so where you choose to wear a white ink tattoo design depends on what you are trying to achieve. Depending on which style you choose it is possible to place a white ink tattoo anywhere on the body. It is probably best to try and stick to a relatively simple tattoo design, as a very detailed design may not be particularly visible. Tribal tattoo designs or Chinese Hanji or Japanese Kanji lend themselves well to white ink designs as these are quite simple yet striking styles.

Many people choose to have text or writing in white ink placed in a prominent place, where a more colourful tattoo could be a problem. If you are thinking about having a white ink tattoo design you only need to look online to see many very fine examples of White ink tattoo images, White ink tattoo pictures and White ink tattoo body art to help inspire your own tattoo ideas – including examples of White ink tattoo flash.

Other great places to put White Ink Tattoos would be:

White ink tattoos on neck
White ink wrist tattoos
White ink back tattoos
White ink tattoo on arm
White ink tattoos on leg

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