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tiger tattoo

Cool tiger head tattoo

The tiger is a regal creature and many people choose this animal as the focal point of their body art. This may be because the person adores tigers. It may be because the person likes what the tiger represents to them, and it might even be due to the fact that the tiger is fast approaching endangered status. If you do a search on that topic, you will find that the cause of saving the tigers has become very popular in recent years and people who love this animal may wish to show their support of saving them through tattoos. No matter what the reason for their popularity, tiger tattoos seem to be leaving their mark on people all over the world.

What are Some Popular Meanings Behind Tiger Tattoos?

For some people, there does not need to be a meaning behind their tiger tattoo and they could care less what the popular meanings are. They simply love tigers and that is enough of a reason for them to get one set into their skin. However, there are several things that are related to this beautiful beast that make this tattoo even more attractive to others. Here are some of the most though of words when the word tiger is mentioned:

  • Power
  • Pride
  • Passion
  • Skill
  • Stealth
  • Courage
  • Strength
  • Respect
  • Beauty
  • Ferocity
  • Might
  • Majestic
  • Predator

The above words may play a role in someone getting a tiger tattoo. When a person gets a tattoo of a particular animal, it is likely that they identify themselves with the characteristics of that animal; hence their choice.

Where do People Put Tiger Tattoos?

arm tiger tattoo

Tiger tattoo on arm

As with any tattoo, you can choose to put your tiger wherever you wish. Though you can get it in a small size, to get the full effect and appreciation from the design, tiger tattoos should be larger than other kinds of tattoos. When men get tiger tattoos, there are three popular places that are most decided upon; the middle of the back, the middle of the chest or the bicep. The most common of the three is the bicep. This may be an unconscious (or maybe conscious in some cases) choice because the tiger represents strength and the bicep is a muscle connected to strength. A unique area to place a tiger tattoo is on the side/stomach area. One of the most interesting tiger tats that I have seen was on a man who had the tiger tattooed on his side from the belly button area, all the away to just below the armpit. The tail curls around near the arm pit and the arms are outstretched with the mouth in a “RAWR” near his belly button. It was simply breathtaking! I have also seen tiger tats on the calves of men who have thick legs. This is a really good look for some.

Placing a tiger tattoo on a women can be a bit trickier if the woman wants to keep things more on the feminine side. One of the most sensual places for a woman to put a tattoo is the stomach. The most common stomach area to place a tiger tattoo is on either side of the belly button, running down towards the hip. I have also seen a lovely lady with a tiger stretching down between her shoulder blades. Even thought it was a large tat, the design and placement made it appear very feminine. The small of the back is also a terrific option for the ladies to put a tiger. The best one I have seen in this area was on a women who loved both tigers and butterflies. The end result was a butterfly with the face of a tiger on the small of her back. It was magnificent! If someone prefers something smaller, tiger paw prints make a good choice. They are cute and can be put anywhere and still look feminine.

Tiger Tattoos and Colors

Oriental tiger tattoo

Oriental inspired tiger tattoo

The most obvious coloration for a tiger tattoo is orange with black stripes. Of course if white tigers are your passion, it would be white with black stripes. However, tattoos are full of creativity, so if you want a pink tiger with purple stripes then go for it! There are many people that even prefer blue tigers. You can also add certain details such as making the eyes a specific color that goes against nature. For instance, a white tiger would look stunning with bright blue eyes. An orange tiger would look dazzling with green eyes. If you really want to go for the gold, get a design where the tigers appears to be clawing something and just below the paw, have some red scratches tattooed! And let’s not forget about tribal art. This type of tat work can make a tiger look even better than traditional design work!

Celebrity Tigers

Of course we know who the most famous tiger of all time is – Tony! Though he is adorable and loves his frosted flakes (they are great after all!), I think we will take a look at actual celebrities who have tiger tattoos.

  • Cyndi Lauper has a tiger tattoo on her left ankle.
  • Angelia Jolie has a tiger tattoo on the small of her back.
  • Lucy Lui has a tiger on her lower back as well.
  • Kevin Nash, AKA the Big Sexy from WWE wrestling, has a tiger tattooed on his right shoulder.
  • Stephen Baldwin sports a tiger tat on the upper half of his back.

Tiger tattoos seem to be here to stay, and if you do a Google search on tiger tattoo images you will quickly see why. The design options are endless and some are so beautiful they can bring tears to your eyes. They go from simple and traditional, to extreme and ultimate. Decide what type you want and what you want to convey about yourself though it. Take your time and you will be sure to have a tattoo that you will never regret!

Tiger Images

intensityLuva posing at the waterSwimming tigerintensityWhite Tigers, Singapore Zoo {Explore}Black water



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