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Great Rising Sun Tattoos

Japan is known by many as, “The Land of the Rising Sun”; in addition this symbol has and is used on flags and in motorsports and martial arts in Japan. The sun rising has many other meanings and is significant for other reason, as well.  For people who want symbolism, the rising sun is recognized as meaning the beginning of new life, divinity, vitality, knowledge, courage and energy.  Perhaps this is why so many people travel to places known for spectacular viewing of the rising sun.

Japanese Influence in Rising Sun Tattoos

Rising sun tattoos hold special significance for people of Japanese ancestry.  The Land of Rising Sun Flag has been recognized as one of the most beautifully designed national flags of all time.  Perhaps that is why it has been adopted by motorsports and martial arts.  If you are a fan of any of those three or just want to show your heritage, rising sun tattoos are for you.  Caution here because there are many, many, Japanese flags all with different meaning and significance.  The rising sun tattoos are however the ones most commonly used in the categories listed above.  These flags are tattooed in traditional red and white with a circle in the center with either eight or sixteen rays emanating from the circle to the outer edge.  Placement of rising sun tattoos are often seen on the full back or abdomen area.

Ideas for Rising Sun Tattoos

Awesome Rising Sun Tattoos

Rising sun tattoos are a wonderful idea for woman to celebrate the birth of a child.  This can be inked in a smaller size.  Since the rising sun represents rebirth, courage and strength; all required to give birth, it’s the perfect tattoo to celebrate this event. Color would definitely add to these rising sun tattoos.  Realistic but exaggerated would work well.  Placement suggestions would be your upper back, lower back, waist, and around your navel.

Many people travel to places known for the fabulous view of the rising sun.  Some of those places include the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, and Japan.  They describe it as almost spiritual in feeling.  People get up in the middle of the night to reach the best viewing high point to watch this event.  Why not memorialize this with rising sun tattoos?  How many times in your life will you be able to see this again?  A good tattoo artist will be able to capture the emotion that you felt about this experience in rising sun tattoos.  The Grand Canyon, being one of those destinations, would probably incorporate the use of the canyon wall in the tattoo.  The use of reds and grays in the canyon wall, and the colors you remember seeing when that sun rose that day would be in the sky. For rising sun tattoos viewed in the Pacific, of course you’ll need to incorporate the ocean.  Whether the ocean was wild that day or peaceful and what you want to depict, is up to you.  But no matter what, this tattoo requires the use of vivid blue and bright orange and sky that complements the ocean.

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