Star Tattoos – Ideas, Photos and the Meaning of Star Tattoos

Star tattoos are generally an illustration of a version of the real star seen in the sky over earth but their meaning to the individual can differ greatly.

Certain star and star patters (constellations) hold significance to astronomers, astrologers, navigators, and star gazers.  The historical importance of the star(s) to humans dates back thousands of years.  Because of the long history, the star has become enmeshed in our culture in various ways.  Of course, like many real earthly objects, each culture develops their symbolic meaning, rituals and possible myths about the object.  Humans observe the movement of the stars and significant events of stars.  For instance, when the earth rotates and the constellations that are visible from our geographical location change, we notice.  More exciting, we watch for that shooting or falling star that momentarily seems breathtaking and can be compared to seeing fireworks.  Such a simple little thing evokes a powerful feeling within us.  If you’re lucky enough to see a milky way for instance, or the aurora borealis, you will never forget the image.  The adrenaline rush implants a lifetime memory that will translate sometime in your life to a tattoo; if you’re a lover of body art.

Types of Star Tattoos and their Meaning

Nautical Star Tattoos Nautical star tattoos are a common tattoo inked these days. This tattoo has a long history in sailing.   Back in the day the sailor’s had to navigate visibility at night, by the stars using the North Star as a bearing to find their way home. For most people nautical star tattoos today represent a safe return home. Nautical star tattoos are a popular choice with soldiers in the military. They wear the tattoo on their wrist to remind themselves to look and keep looking so they can make it back home too.

Shooting Star Tattoos – Shooting star tattoos are most often seen for their symbolic meaning; rather than meteors traveling through the night sky. Every child at one time or another has the desire to be a star at something. Shooting star tattoos are a great way to show that you are reaching for the stars or to represent a fleeting moment in one’s life. Traditionally shooting star tattoos had meanings like changes in one’s life, a new birth or a desire for a better life. These tattoos look great in a single or multiple shooting stars with long trails fading away from view.

Tribal Star Tattoos – Tribal star tattoos would look fabulous incorporated into any tribal tattoo.  Their geometric shape lends itself perfectly to most tribal designs.

Star Tattoos for Men – Star tattoos for men would most likely include star tattoos such the nautical star which represents professions traditionally held by men.  In addition the shooting star tattoos, the falling star tattoos and the North Star tattoos would all show your masculine side.

North Star Tattoos – This was the name of the nautical before people starting calling it that.

Flower and Star Tattoos – Flower and star tattoos offer the best of both worlds, especially for women.  Including star tattoos and their designs along with your favorite flower, can give extra special meaning that you may want.

Falling Star Tattoos – Falling star tattoos are very similar to the shooting star tattoos; after all unfortunately, shooting stars are falling somewhere. Keep in mind each wearer of body art may or may wear ink with meaning.  They may just be presenting art.  But if you’re looking for meaning, the falling star could represent the cycle of life.

Three Star Tattoos – This tattoo is currently trending and the meaning really is unclear.  It seems to have mysterious meanings to many different groups who have adopted as their own.  Then again lots of women are getting inked with the three star tattoos upon their pelvic areas, right and left hip, and center and really don’t discuss why. It just looks cool and guys like it.

Star Sign Tattoos – Star sign tattoos are another of saying astrological sign tattoos.  So, if you are interested in having a tattoo of your astrological sign, star sign tattoos would be the way to go.

Multiple Star Tattoos – Multiple star tattoos are popular today for a couple of reasons. One they look great as body art and secondly, you can use a star to signify each and every important event or step in your life; kind of like a notch on your gun for a guy and a birthing mark for a woman.

Star Tattoo Coloring

star tattoo photo

When considering ink color for any star tattoos, we’ll need to look at the types of star tattoos listed above: Nautical Star Tattoos, Shooting Star Tattoos, Tribal Star Tattoos, Star Tattoos for Men, North Star Tattoos, Flower and Star Tattoos, Falling Star Tattoos, Three Star Tattoos, Star Sign Tattoos, and Multiple Star Tattoos.   Nautical tattoos are seen in virtually every color but must have at least a different shade for depth.  Shooting star tattoos don’t necessarily need color but are stunning with it.  Tribal star tattoos could follow the traditional black, but keep in mind color is being used in tribal designs these days. Flower and star tattoos demand color; they really do.  If you want limited color, consider adding to the flower.  Falling star tattoos are impressive as mentioned in the introduction. If you love them enough to wear them, try to illustrate what you felt when you saw it.  That will probably include the use of colored ink.  Three star are commonly in black or colored; your choice and the same goes for multiple star tattoos.

Placement of Star Tattoos

For some reason, star tattoos are most commonly seen on both men and women on their upper torso.  For men; their chest, back, shoulders and wrist.  For women, a different story; women prefer their abdomen, neck, face, hip, shoulder blades, and navel area. The size of star tattoos that you choose, the skin you want to dedicate, and who your audience is, really dictates the placement of star tattoos

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Photo by Shannon Archuleta

Photo by Nina J. G.