Spine Tattoos

Spine tattoos are very popular with the girls and guys. Spine tattoos can range from small lower spine designs to complete top to bottom patterns. For the guys most often you will see one or two spine tattoos on the middle to lower back leaving the top open for a large upper back tattoo. In recent years the girls have put a new meaning to spine tattoos with great works of art. The possibilities are limitless for spine tattoos ranging from colorful themed art to single quotes running down the spine. For a few examples let’s discuss the Japanese cherry blossoms, Chinese characters and last but not least the spinal column.

Cherry blossom spine tattoos are seen for their beauty tattooed most often from around the tail bone weaving up the center of the back branching off around the waist and then getting narrower as you work your way up the back. The flowers are white, pink or red in color with thin dark branches. If you are looking for themed look, you can add butterflies, Koi fish, Japanese dragons or Japanese lettering.

Spine tattoos with Chinese characters are very popular at this time also. Men and women both like the look as well as the meaning. The length of the spine allows for larger names or quotes in good size for visibility. First use a translator found on the internet to see your name or quote in Chinese. Bold single color ink works well with Chinese character spine tattoos, but a little other color won’t hurt. For the guys adding a dragon or tribal art to your spine tattoos will give a finishing touch; ladies try adding butterflies or flowers.

Spine tattoos with the image of the spinal column are a great visual and entertaining design. Detail work on spinal column tattoos is a must if you are after that x ray look. Some spine tattoos show the spinal column seen through ripped or torn skin which is a great look also. The basic spine tattoo will show the spinal column in full length showing at least three sections of the spinal column; the Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar. Spine tattoos look great in a realistic view or try a tribal razor look to the tattoo. Spine tattoos stand out the best in single dark ink but with coloring the tattoo will soften a bit; in some designs it is worth it.

Coloring for spine tattoos has been discussed in the basic form above. Additional coloring choices are bright blue for Koi fish, reds, oranges for dragons and purples and yellows for butterflies. Chinese character and spinal tattoos look great in single color dark ink. Red, white, purple and grey can add a realistic look to the spinal column.

Spinal tattoos will require plenty of discussion and good planning to achieve the look you are after. Be sure and see your artist galleries for any additional ideas or possible coloring choices.Spine