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Japanese sleeve tattoos are fantastic examples of how beautiful body art can really be. They are very popular, and because of that there are many different designs and themes to choose from. You can also have an original made (or drawn yourself) so that it reflects your personality, and yours alone. After all, uniqueness is one of the qualities that most people love about tattoos and there is plenty of room for it when it comes to Japanese sleeve tattoos!

Japanese sleeve art has become one of the most sought after design themes in the world. Of course the idea behind them began in Japan many years ago, but now people from almost every country sport Japanese body art. The sleeve tattoos are becoming the most sought after types. Japanese body art is unique in its ability to show beauty from things one may not consider beautiful otherwise.

Ideas for Japanese Sleeve Tattoos

Some examples of Japanese sleeve tattoos that you can get are tattoos with dragons, hannya masks, samurai, samurai swords, koi fish and non-specific swimming fish. These can all be seen in various Japanese sleeve tattoos. The most popular design for women is the koi fish. It represents strength and power and is quite beautiful when the colors come together in one grand mural of body art. For men, getting koi fish tattooed on the arm(s) is not just beautiful, it is also entertaining. When placed in certain areas of the arm the fish appears to be swimming and THAT is a great conversation piece or conversation starter!

Next to the koi fish, dragons are next in line as most popular for Japanese sleeve tattoo designs. The dragon is a great symbol of masculinity (Strength, power and the readiness to pounce in defense at any moment) and so it is typically put on men. However, some women like dragons as well and ink does not discriminate. Most dragons placed on men are black or red but they can obviously be any color the person wishes them to be. Some of the most fabulous dragon sleeve tattoos include fire shooting out of the mythical creature’s mouth.

japanese style hayanna mask sleeve tattoo

Japanese style Hayanna mask sleeve

Another good design for men (are we seeing a pattern here?) is the samurai and the samurai swords. These designs symbolize power and strength, as well are courage and heroism. For these reasons, men love them. Every dude wants to think of himself as powerful and courageous!

Now here is one that fits better on the women (finally!); the hannya masks. They are extremely beautiful and the actual masks are thought to keep away evil. In addition to these masks, women who get Japanese sleeve tattoos also like to add Japanese flowers, koi fish, waves and Japanese writing.

Japan is a place of great inspiration for artists. This has been proven true for all forms of art; including tattoos. With ink, people can carry Japan with them wherever they go and this is beautiful in itself. Take your time choosing your entire sleeve. Find things that are symbolic to you and show something important about you. Once the sleeve is there it is there. Give your Japanese sleeve tattoo the consideration that it deserves and you will be pleased for the rest of your life.

More Japanese Sleeve Tattoos

Japanese style koi fish sleeve tattoo

Japanese koi fish sleeve tattoo

Back of Japanese Sakura Tattoo Quarter-Sleeve

Japanese Sakura Tattoo Quarter-Sleeve

Japanese Sleeve

Japanese Sleeve

KOI + FLOWER japanese sleeve

Koi and flower Japanese sleeve

Japanese Sakura on the Wind Sleeve tattoo

Japanese Sakura on the Wind Sleeve tattoo

Horimyo – A Traditional Japanese “Tebori” Tattoo Artist

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