Deer Skull Tattoos – Ideas, Designs & Meaning

Cool Deer Skull Tattoos

Deer skull tattoos have become very popular in recent times. They are worn, most of the time, to show the love of deer as graceful animals. Hunters may choose deer skull tattoos to show respect for that which has nourished their body and soul or as a trophy. The meaning of deer skull tattoos can also imply the balance of life and death; transition from the physical body form to the spiritual body, or even just longevity.

If you are getting a deer skull tattoo to represent your love of the creature, try using a three quarter profile; this can add dimension to your body art. It is a friendly look and wears well and looks great in black ink alone. In this position, keep in mind the antlers will need room length. This perspective presents a more, friendly, elegant look that shows well on the back, shoulder blade, bicep, chest and calf.

Some people believe that the position of the antlers is extremely important. This is because when a stag is in danger he lowers his head, ready for conflict. This then creates a deer skull tattoo with a more defensive appearance. If choosing this category of deer skull tattoos, you will want to consider skin that has enough width available for the lowered antler

The size of a tattoo such as this will be something you need to talk over with your tattoo designer. With the antlers straight up, the stag is in a more relaxed, tranquil state. Depending on the meaning, if any, that is important to you, some discussion with your tattoo artist will help align the antlers in a position that represents your individuality. To include additional meaning to deer skull tattoos, the number of points designed and inked into the antlers can be significant of many aspects of your life.

Great Deer Skull Tattoos

Here are some ideas; the number of children, grandchildren, accomplishments, religious or spiritual meanings, and numbers that relate to your personal numerology.

Hunters, who are shopping for deer skull tattoos, may have several reasons for choosing this tat. They include reasons such, spirituality, respect, and trophy. This is not a new idea, except for the trophy perspective. Native Americans have always used all parts of the deer and performed rituals over the dead body to show respect as part of their spirituality. The use of deer skull tattoos as trophy tattoos is a relatively modern phenomenon. After all, hunting deer requires expertise and the motivation to procure the hunters food. Therefore, deer skull tattoos present the perfect opportunity receive their trophy. Some hunters will add angel wings to their deer skull tattoos to soften the imagery and to give more meaning to the tattoo. From a harder perspective, the weapon used to kill the deer is sometimes incorporated into deer skull tattoos. An example is a bow hunter who may want an arrow inserted through the skull. These deer skull tattoos wear well on the chest, upper back, and back of the neck.

No matter what deer skull tattoo you choose, study images, galleries, and of course talk it over with your artist.

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