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Awesome Peace Tattoos

Peace tattoos are some of the most highly requested tattoos.  We could make a lot of conjecture about their rise in popularity, but it’s more fun to believe that the world wants peace.  They want peace so bad they’re willing and want to make it part of their body art so that the whole world knows it.

Peace Symbol Tattoos – Peace symbol tattoos can actually be a request for two different types of designs.  This request ether means the circle with the vertical line splitting into three forks or the human hand holding up the index and the middle finger with the thumb overlaid across the ring and pinky fingers; not with the back side of the hand showing.   This has a completely different meaning in different  parts of the world.

Peace Heart Tattoos – Peace heart tattoos are generally the traditional circular peace sign; only tattooed in a heart shape.  Other versions are the circular piece sign overlaid with a heart symbol.  Usually these are seen in the outline form only.

Love and Peace Tattoos – In these peace tattoo designs either the word “love” is spelled or a heart is used to symbolize love in some way.  Sometimes, people have the words tattooed in special font spelled out.

Peace Love Music Tattoos – These are super creative designs for peace love music lovers.  They are generally designed using either a music note or a treble clef which incorporates a peace sign and a heart within the note or clef.

Japanese Peace Tattoos – Japanese Peace Tattoos are inked in calligraphy style using the Japanese characters that translate to Peace.  You can use an application that translates languages, easily found on the web for free to see what this looks like.  You can also ask your tattoo design artist.

Peace Tree Tattoos – Peace tree tattoos are becoming a highly requested tattoo. Once a nature lover gets a look at this design, you’ll understand right away.  The basic peace tree tattoos use a tree and then somewhere in the trunk or the roots a traditional circular peace symbol is inserted.  Imagine the design possibilities!

Chinese Peace Symbol Tattoos – The Chinese peace symbol tattoos are similar to the Japanese tattoos mentioned above.  Rather than translating Japanese you will translating English to Chinese to see the Chinese character that means Peace.  Then design your tattoo around these characters or use the characters alone.

Peace Music Tattoos – Peace music tattoos are similar to the peace love music tattoos except they leave out the heart.  So you will be using a note or treble clef to represent music and incorporate a traditional circular peace into the clef or note. Another version could be the use of the note or clef and then writing out the word “peace” in your favorite font.

Peace Love Faith Tattoos – Peace love faith tattoos typically incorporate the circular piece sign, a heart, and then a sign of spirituality or faith.  For the spirituality and/or faith a dove or cross is typically chosen.  Again sometimes, the symbols are used along with words or a combination of both.

Peace Sign with Flowers Tattoos – Peace Sign with Flowers Tattoos are either the traditional circular peace sign tattooed with flowers, such as daisies, or it is peace sign tattoos that includes flower that represent peace and tranquility.

Peace Love & Happiness Tattoos – Peace love happiness tattoos are just joyful.  The most typical design is the traditional circular peace sign, a traditional heart and the emoticon for the smiling face, all lined up vertically or horizontally.  Another version of this is the use the Japanese or Chinese characters for peace love and happiness tattoos and line them up horizontally.  Yet another design uses the traditional circular peace sign with the words peace and happiness spelled out around the circle.  You have three variables here to play with; the design possibilities are endless.

Inner Peace Tattoos – Inner peace tattoos are a relaxing and calming tattoo design seen today with many different meanings. The general idea of inner peace is a state of mental and spiritual peace. There is no singular tattoo design or rule to live by here. Here are a few symbols seen representing inner peace tattoos, the lotus flower, peace, Om, Buddha and Yin Yang. The close bond with your pet can make great inner peace tattoos.

Peace Tattoos for Women – Peace tattoos for women are normally inked in soft colors. Their meaning may be peace on earth or peace in their life. This tattoo looks good in a traditional circular peace sign in tied dyed, red, blue and green.

Women Peace Tattoos

Peace Tattoos for Men – Peace tattoos for men can be seen in very colorful patterns with the peace symbol in tribal art or a basic design form. In the tribal art form try the peace symbol in the razor wire design with solid bands of razor wire as the top and bottom boarders.

Coloring – Coloring for peace tattoos is entirely dependent on the design you choose.  However, just study some gallery images to see the difference color makes.   It doesn’t matter what size the peace tattoos are, color makes all the difference in the world.  If you are a minimalist and choose the basic dark ink outlined traditional circular tattoo, this too is a fine choice for people will know you as a minimalist.  But if you are a body art person, go with color.  The peace tree tattoos for instance, with their green, browns, shading, depth and dimension are absolutely stunning.

Placement – Peace tattoos, because of their sizing possibilities can go just about anywhere on your body you choose. Most people are wearing them on their wrists, ankles, upper arms, down their backs; in the case of Chinese or Japanese characters, hands, necks chests, legs, hips, and lower backs.

Celebrities with Peace Tattoos:

Lady Gaga

Christofer Drew (Ingle)

Note:  Both of these celebrities where the traditional circular peace sign inked in dark color, in outline form only; very minimalist.

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