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Panther Tattoos have a long history on the tattoo scene. Panther tattoos are not only great looking, but also offer many different meanings for men and women. Some traits of the panther for men are power, strategy, and stealth, cunning, calculating and stalking. If you are the type of man or women that observes before acting and only reacts when the time is right, then panther tattoos may be right for you. For women, panther tattoos can represent motherhood. As mother panthers are known as great and loving mothers but will fight to the end to protect their young.

Ideas for Panther Tattoos

Some panther tattoos designs and ideas are; a panther with its head tilted down slightly with its eyes tilting up a bit so they are looking right at you. This is where good nose and whiskers as well as the eyes detail will make this tattoo stand out. In this design try inking the panther in its natural habitat, with the full view of the panther in very thick vegetation unaware that the cat is being watched. Lots of vegetation and small a few tree trunks partially blocking parts of the panther’s body will add an air of mysteriousness.  A butterfly on a green long leaf close to its nose will look great.

Carolina Panther tattoos are a must for any panther football fan. With their distinctive black and blue panther and wide open mouth showing two long fangs set against the silver helmet, it’s no surprise this cat is so popular.

Great Panther Tatttoos

Panther tattoos in a crawling pose are fun designs to create. Most often the panther is seen from above twisting in movement. The claws are tearing the flesh with every movement. Sometimes the panther tattoos of a crawling panther are designed with the panther tearing through your muscle with its razor sharp claws as if it’s coming out of you. With plenty of detail of the ripped muscle and sharp claws these panther tattoos can be very eye catching.

Colors for panther tattoos can range all over the board. Panthers are tan or even a light brown with almost black spots. Then you have the most popular Black Panther. The eyes of the panther are almost gold. Popular colors seen in panther tattoos are green for vegetation, yellow and red for flowers, brown for a path will work well. Carolina Panther tattoos are black, blue, silver and white. Panther tattoos with a crawling panther have red and white for the torn muscle, and the same for vegetation, flowers as above.

Panther Tattoo Designs

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Size and Placement of Panther Tattoos

Sizing and placement of panther tattoos are usually seen in medium size on the upper arm for good visibility. Panther tattoos in small to large size look great on the shoulder blade, upper back, chest, forearm, waist and legs. Carolina Panther tattoos look great in small designs on the forearm, back of hand, and lower leg. Be sure and check with your tattoo artist for any ideas and galleries that may help and aid you in the design of your panther tattoos.

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