15 Outstanding Owl Tattoos

Before we get to the images of some amazing owl tattoos let’s talk a bit about the owl itself. Owls have long been thought to be wise and somewhat mysterious creatures. In ancient Greek mythology, the Goddess of wisdom Athena favored owls greatly and she is often depicted with them. Owls, as well as Athena, were said to be watchful and protective. The owl was such a prominent figure in Greek culture that coins from the city-state of Athens had images of owls on them to protect their trades and investments.

In other mythologies, the owl was associated with hunting, night time, and death. This is particularly true of English folklore, which often describes owls as a notorious “bird of doom.” Their nocturnal nature makes them very mysterious creatures, but there is no doubt that they are very skilled in their silent and precise hunting abilities.

Many people choose to get owl tattoos to represent this idea of wisdom or skillful hunting. If you are considering getting an owl tattoo, check out some of these great examples!

Barn Owl Tattoo

The barn owl in this tattoo sits upon a bed of roses.

owl tattoo


Unique Owl Tattoo

This owl tattoo incorporates unique details, such as eyes an umbrellas, to create a truly individual piece of work.

owl tattoo on forearm


Owl Neck Tattoo

This owl tattoo is placed on the back of the neck as a way to harness wisdom.

owl tattoo on neck


Blue Owl Tattoo

This small blue owl is a cute neck tattoo.

owl tattoo on neck


Alert Owl Tattoo

This owl tattoo is positioned on the forearm, among a moon and leaves.

owl tattoo on forearm


Owl Arm Tattoo

This large owl with bright yellow eyes is a wise choice for a tattoo.

owl tattoo on arm


Natural Owl Tattoo

Leaves and vines form the image of an owl in this beautiful tattoo.

owl tattoo on back


Intricate Owl Tattoo

Leaf and floral patterns work together to create this intricate and slightly abstract owl tattoo.

owl tattoo on back


White Owl Tattoo

White ink gives this snowy owl a cool look.

owl tattoo


Geometric Owl Tattoo

Geometric designs make this owl tattoo precise, symmetrical, and unique.

owl tatto



Starry Owl Tattoo

This blue and orange owl tattoo sits very alert on a background of stars.

owl tatto on arm



Purple Owl Tattoo

This sleepy purple owl is perched atop a cherry blossom branch.

owl tatto on shoulder



Skeleton Key Owl Tattoo

This dark owl holds a skeleton key, perhaps unlocking unknown mysteries.

owl tatto



Owl Key Tattoo

This owl is pictured with a key in the center of its chest, perhaps symbolizing the key to knowledge or wisdom.

owl tatto on chest



Colorful Owl Tattoo

The rich colors of this owl tattoo make for a beautiful work of body art.

owl tattoo


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