Dreamcatcher Tattoos – Tattoo Ideas, Designs & Meaning

dreamcatcher body artDream catchers are something that most all people know about. We have heard about them in stories, seen them in movies and maybe even have one ourselves. They come in the form of jewelry, home décor and many other designs. They were first made by the Native Americans who claimed that by hanging them over our beds, they would catch nightmares in their weave, keeping our sleeping minds safe and comfortable for a peaceful nights rest. Is that real? Who am I to say? If you believe it is true than it is, if you don’t than it isn’t; it is just that simple. However, even if you do not believe in the magic of the dream catcher, its beauty cannot be denied, and so, many people chose them to become part of their body art.

Colors of the Dream Catcher Tattoos

dreamcatcher tattoos on feetOne of the great things about dream catcher tattoos are that since they include feathers and beading, the colors that can be used in them are more than I can ever list here! Some people wish to stick with a more traditional look for their dream catcher tattoo. Turquoise was used heavily by the Native Americans, as well as eagle feathers. Some people love to have their tattoos designed with vivid colors and choose to use purples, pinks, oranges and blues for their tattoo. Color is really a personal choice and so your dream catcher can look like anything you want it to!

Placement of Dream Catcher Tattoos

There are many interesting choices when it comes to placement of dream catcher tattoos. Here are the most popular areas to put one:

  • The small of the back is a place where women often choose to put their dream catcher tattoo.
  • For men, the upper are (top of shoulder) is a popular area of placement.
  • Both men and women find it attractive to put dream catcher tattoos on various areas of their backs. In my opinion, the best place on the back is in the upper center directly in the middle. The shoulder blades are also great places for this beautiful work of art.
  • The lower leg (calf).
  • The back of the neck.
  • The hip is popular for women, as is the side of the stomach.

No matter where you choose to put your dream catcher tattoo, this design typically looks better large rather than small. There is a lot of detail that goes into a dream catcher, so the bigger the better. This is simply not a design that is meant to be worn on a small scale, but of course the decision is ultimately yours.

Celebrities with Dream Catcher Tattoos

Celebrities are often a great inspiration when it comes to the body art we choose. There are many who have dream catcher tattoo and here is the most popular one to date:

  • Miley Cyrus got herself inked with a dream catcher tattoo a year ago and this caused quite a stir. Miley is someone that many people look up too and therefore the was a run on dream catcher tattoos. Her tat is located on her upper side, next to her breast and a few inches below her armpit. It is a plain design but beautiful nonetheless.
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