Horse Tattoos – Ideas, Designs & Meaning

Horse Tattoos Drawings

Horse tattoos are fascinating in that there is a tattoo or derivative horse tattoo for every man or woman.  The human’s relationship with the horse dates back a mere six to seven thousand years. During that time, they’ve been our partner in war; wearing their own suits of armor.  They’ve been the engine that pulled our farm equipment and became our ride.  Without even looking at the king of word sources, we can all guess why locomotives and motorcycles are nick named the iron horses.  When I used to ride my bike, I would often imagine that riding a horse really fast must feel similar; you know being one with the machine or the animal and in the wind.  Most of the horses in the world live in the Americas with about 9.5 million of them in the United States of America.  While we no longer use them for war horses, or to pull plows and wagons our love affair with the horse continues; be it with the real thing or in iron form.  Horses are identified by color before gender usually.  This is important if you’re shopping for a realistic version of horse tattoos.  Some examples of horse tattoos defined by their color are; Palomino, Dun, and the Appaloosa.

Types of Horse Tattoos

Dark Horse Tattoos can be a little deceiving, for most might think of only a dark meaning associated with these horse tattoos. For your devilish side this tat has many options available.  These horse tattoos are seen most often in a head shot of the horse because of the great detail done on them. As a dark side idea, multiple serpent bodies and heads could create an opportunity for a great mane. Dark horse tattoos can have a positive meaning as well. You may consider yourself as the dark horse in a race; the come from behind winner. Have fun with these types of horse tattoos; after all you’ve become the winner who was thought to be the loser.

Horse Shoe Tattoos May be popular with horse lovers for the obvious reasons. Some people seek horse shoe tattoos for a symbolic meaning such as, a lone set of tracks, your choice of using the road less traveled or as a simple good luck charm. As a good luck symbol, try using multiple horse shoes with the open end of the horse shoe up; so as not to lose any that good luck. Try fading from eye sight, a few horse shoes for road less traveled look.

Great Horse Tattoos

Iron Horse Tattoos can be used to show your admiration for trains or motorcycles. Trains and motorcycles have been called iron horses for many years. Whether it’s a classic steam engine or modern diesel locomotive sitting on a piece of track, or a classic motorcycle sitting on its side stand, or centered in the middle of its manufacturer’s logo, this tattoo is a must.  People love their iron horses just as much as they loved their live animals in the past.  This is evident in our culture by the care and attention most iron horses receive.  Careful consideration to the type of iron horse tattoo you want should be given.  Do you ride alone? Do you want a person depicted on the bike at all?  Do you want to brand your horse? Or leave it wild and free? Do you want a slogan under, over, around your iron horse?  Let’s see how they go: Live to Ride- Ride to Live, Ass, Cash or ? No one Rides for Free; you get the point. These horse tattoos are extremely popular and will continue to be so, because we will undoubtedly continue to love being in the wind.

Tribal Horse Tattoos are a personal favorite for many people. Some people will use these horse tattoos to show the horse’s beauty and grace. Some may wish to have a more symbolic meaning of the horse’s strength and stamina. The tribal art patterns with their bold dark lines, circles and spirals lends itself perfectly to horse tattoos.

War Horse Tattoos are really nice if you’re into armor and warfare.  A horse used in battle was one of the very first relationships that we had with this creature.  What an awesome idea for horse tattoos, a horse dressed in full armor as a symbol of partner in battle. In Paris, France there is museum that holds, not only years of historical human armor, but armor their horses wore as well.  That’s how important they were.  So if you gravitate towards being a knight in shining armor, consider adding a war horse tat to your horse tattoos portfolio of ideas.

Horse Tattoo Designs

Tattoo designs from the TattooMeNow Gallery

Coloring of Horse Tattoos

No matter if you choose the dark horse tattoo, the horse shoe tattoo, the blue horse tattoo, the iron horse tattoo, the tribal horse, war horse tattoos or any other type of horse; color will be a decision that will take some thought. Of course, a good tattoo artist can make a large scale tat look well while it’s being worked on.  When working on any type of art, the artist should stop at a point where it could be called “done” but it’s not.  The reason this is mentioned is that some type of horse tattoos mentioned above would be absolutely stunning in large scale and will take a number of sittings.  Through each stage, you’ll want it to look great.  All of these horse tattoos really beg for color, even the tribal horse tattoos. Now days, many people are adding colored ink to the background to add dimension to their body art.

Placement of Horse Tattoos

Once you’ve decided on a horse tattoo and made color decisions, you’ve probably already thought some about placement.  Depending on the type of horse tattoo you’ve chosen size will play a role.  Most of the horse tattoos we’ve discussed would really wear well in a larger size and therefore could be placed on the back, chest, and leg.  However, if you are looking for a smaller tattoo, the horse shoe tattoos in different colors, fading away into smaller and smaller shoes, wrapped partially around your waist would be an awesome horse tattoo full of meaning.  You’d have good luck on the road less travelled.  The tribal horse tattoos would also wear well in a smaller size tattoo.  Their design is appropriate for large or small scale horse tattoos.  For instance, a small tribal horse placed on the hip would be great for you Sagittarians out there.

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