Heart with Wings Tattoos – Ideas, Designs & Meaning

Beautiful heart with Wings Tattoos

Hearts with wings tattoos have many meanings but the central theme is always that of love.  Heart with wings tattoos with the wings open can represent love for another or love for one that has passed on and has become an angel.  Some men prefer the wings folded in representing that their love is an angel in real life and only she holds his heart.  This tattoo is usually inked for meaning, although it could simply be body art.

Meaning of Heart with Wings Tattoos

Heart with wings tattoos open, generally represent love.  That love can be for another or just love in general; usually it’s for another.  If you are considering this tattoo, let you your mind wander.  There are many other symbols that can be added to this tattoo to personalize it.  For instance, you can use banners with text, a cherub or two, if you have children; little hearts around heart with wings tattoos to represent each of them, or for women, perhaps some flowers.  For men, it’s usually a memorial tattoo.  For men who want a manlier look try adding some tribal art to heart with wings tattoos. This can be accomplished by having the whole design tattooed in tribal but coloring the heart.  When using heart with wings tattoos as a memorial, you may choose to add the name of the deceased or the date that they left this world.  The wings symbolize their new status as an angel.

Pretty Heart with Wings Tattoos

Heart with wings tattoos with wings folded in generally means that you love someone who you believe has an angelic personality and only he or she holds your heart. Heart with wings tattoos of this style present several opportunities again for adding personal touches, like his or her name, a special symbol, two rings if you’re married, stars or other hearts if you share children and made a family together.  This tattoo can also be used as a memorial like the heart with wings tattoo showing the wings open.  However in this case, the angel who has passed on is hugging your heart.  In this design, you can simply show the wings hugging your heart for private message or you can include other detail to the tattoo. Some suggestion would be a symbol that represents something that was important between the two of you. Obviously if you’ve chosen heart with wings tattoos, love played the most important role, but maybe there was something else that you shared and enjoyed doing together.  This could be incorporated into the tattoo and still maintain your privacy.  If you want everyone to know it’s a memorial, then go all way with their name and date of departure from this world to the next.

Coloring of heart with wings tattoos

For heart with wings tattoos you’ll be using reds and oranges for the hearts, with maybe some golden tones for depth; white and shades of black for the wings. Any other items you add are either up to you or should be discussed with your tattoo artist for complementary balance with the rest of your design. Check out galleries and images for ideas.

Placement of heart with wings tattoos

Placement of heart with wings tattoos are small to medium which leaves the possibilities wide open.  This means neck, back, chest, navel, hip, leg, foot, ankle and shoulder.


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