Gun Tattoos – Tattoo Designs & Ideas

Great Gun Tattoos

Gun tattoos are as popular today as they have ever been. We see a re-surge in their popularity in times of war, gang activity, survival activity, sporting activity, gun collecting activity and constitutional rights activity.  They type of gun tattoos that you’ll be shopping for will probably be dictated by the gun training  you’ve been or are participating in. The one exception is the gun collector who may admire a particular gun from a particular era just because he or she finds it a fabulous weapon. See below for some great gun tattoos design ideas.

Types of Gun Tattoos

Tommy Gun Tattoos – Tommy gun tattoos may be the perfect gun tattoos for you. The Thompson Sub Machine Gun, in the twenties, was as romantic as it was deadly. The love-hate affair with criminals like Machine Gun Kelly, Al Capone and The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre will forever immortalize the tommy gun in history. A simple tommy gun tattoo idea may be the outline of the gun done in black ink. For a more complex tattoo design you may try using a side view of the gun in dark blue ink with a dark cherry color ink for the stock and hand grip and even a few brass shell casings placed around the gun.

Roses and Gun Tattoos – Roses and gun tattoos have been inked for many years now. There is something alluring in their design. The contrast between the cold blue steel and the rich vibrant colors of the roses bring life to the tattoo. You will need to choose your personal preference in type of gun; but for this tattoo idea let’s picture a gun metal blue .45 caliber handgun in a side view. In addition, use two long stem red roses crossed behind the handgun at about a 45 degree angle and with a few extra rose vines woven through the trigger guard.

Beautiful Gun Tatttoos

Skull and Gun Tattoos – Skull and gun tattoos can give you that menacing look your after in fun gun tattoos. This design offers many options in the patterns, so run wild with it. Try using an old west theme with an aged looking .30-30 rifle with plenty of scratches and nicks at a 45 degree angle right below the skull. You may also like the skull wearing a worn out cowboy hat and an old red bandanna as a nose and mouth mask.  Skulls are very popular today with men.  Another type of completely different skull and gun tattoos are the new phenomenon of having the weapon of choice tattooed on a shaven head.  Basically you shave all your hair off and have a gun tattooed upon your head.  This may or may not signify a relationship or association with a sub-culture. So you may want to do some homework before deciding on these types of gun tattoos.

Girl Gun Tattoos – Girl gun tattoos are not much different than the gun tattoos for men. After all many women are in to sport shooting as well as arming themselves for self protection. Girl gun tattoos however are seen most often with items such as hearts, flowers or angel wings to soften the image up a bit. Try using a stainless steel .38 caliber hand gun set in the center of a heart with a single blue flower in between the gun and heart.

Cute Gun Tattoos – Cute gun tattoos are a fun tattoo design seen most often on women.  Typically we see the compact Derringer .22 short in this tattoo design. For a quick design try using a side view of the gun in a bright color with a black hand grip and adding a rose with thorns to finish the tattoo off.

Coloring of Gun Tattoos

Coloring of gun tattoos is not essential; but if you want true body art that pops, it is essential.  The ink colors available today and the sophistication of tattoo artists are so developed that the ability to achieve actual chrome and gun metal blues is absolutely possible. Don’t settle for anything less.  If your gun tattoos include a weapon that is older, perhaps rusty, you will want oranges, reds, browns, black and shading done, to achieve that oxidized look.  In addition, you’ll need an artist who can use colors that will add an aged look to wood.  Once that wooden handle that was highly polished is now dull; your tattoo artist can talk over the colors and techniques they will use to accomplish this look.  If you decide to add additional items to your gun tattoos choose colors that complement the color of the weapon; for instance purples, greens, turquoise and yellows, wear nicely with gun metal blue.

Gun Tattoo Placem

The gun and roses tattoos will show well in medium size on the back, arm or leg. Girl gun tattoos look great in small to medium size on the back, stomach and upper leg. Placement for Tommy Gun Tattoos are seen best on the leg or forearm and even across the back. Skull and gun tattoos looks great in medium size on the upper arm, shoulder blade and lower leg. The derringer is the most amusing of all gun tattoos in terms of placement.  Women in the past have traditionally hid derringers all over their bodies and today they are doing the same with gun tattoos.  Derringer gun tattoos on women are seen in some the most interesting places. Some examples are, placed on the abdomen so that the handle of the gun is visible from the top of the pant or bikini line. Another example is that the gun tattoos are completely concealed in their breast area where they would have to be exposed to see the gun. Basically the Derringer gun for women is a concealed item or partially concealed item, as it has always been and sends a fun but serious message.

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