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Finger tattoo designs can be very fun to design. Some may use the fingers or knuckles for sending a short saying and someone else may send a funny image. There are hundreds of knuckle and finger tattoos ideas out there to look at, but for a good result make sure the finger tattoo means something to you. Do to the small area of skin you will find a small stand alone tattoo on each finger is most common, but you can use all the fingers on a hand for a themed tattoo. Some finger tattoo designs will be discussed here in brief to aid in some common and unique finger tattoos; the wedding ring, popular quotes and popular items.

Cool finger tattoo designs

Diamond finger tattoo design


Game Over Finger Tattoo Designs

Odd but cool “game over” finger tattoo designs

3 hands with 3 different finger tattoo ideas

3 hands with 3 different finger tattoos

finger tattoo design

Fresh off the needle finger tattoo design

Don't lose hope finger tattoos

Don’t lose hope finger tattoo designs

Man with finger tattoo

Man with small finger tattoo

More Finger Tattoo Designs

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