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Rosary Tattoos are an interesting design idea given the history and meaning of the rosary.  beautifully done rosary tattooThe wearing of a rosary is considered sacramental or sacred.  It is worn to ask Jesus for protection and to stave off the Devil.  Usually they are blessed but this is not mandatory. One should be respectful in designing rosary tattoos because they hold great significance to those of the Catholic faith and several other versions of the Catholic faith.

In designing rosary tattoos keep in mind that they have a format.  Each rosary has a cross representing the crucifixion of Christ.  Then beads are of different size and in a particular order representing the physical touch that signifies the time during prayer or meditation to recite a particular prayer.  Directly stated; rosaries are sacred.

All that being said, rosary tattoos could be considered “wearing” the rosary; it would be permanently with you at all times.  What a wonderful thought.  Even while asleep you would have the rosary with you in request that Christ watch over you along with protection from evil.

Ideas for Rosary Tattoos

It seems in designing rosary tattoos that is exactly what many people are doing.  Some of the most stunning rosary tattoos are actually tattooed around the neck and down the chest as if you were wearing a real physical rosary.  Some rosary tattoos are very detailed and show the exact size of the different beads while others show them all the same size. If you interested in this type of design be sure to talk with your tattoo artist about the layout and format of the real rosary or bring one with you so they understand that there is a pattern to the bead sizes for a reason and that’s important to you.

Other designs that are very beautiful illustrate the human hands in the act of using the rosary. It is usually draped through the hands or the fingers are actually on the beads.  Many of the rosary tattoos of this type are inked in black and shaded due to the amount of detail in these rosary tattoos.

Rosary body artOther rosary tattoos are wrapped around the ankle as an ankle bracelet.  Sometimes the cross is draped down onto the top of the foot.  This design style seems to be very popular with women.

Besides the praying hands as an add-on to rosary tattoos is the use of a cross.  The crosses are either in elaborate design or plain wooden crosses.  The rosary is then draped or looped around and over the cross. This is probably one of the only designs that make use of color particularly in the cross.

Finally, many have their rosary tattoos designed as if the rosary is laying on a flat surface.  The rosary is illustrated with the strand of beads crossed over it and looped.

Placement & Coloring of Rosary Tattoo Designs

Placement of rosary tattoos is around the neck, ankle, shoulder back, and abdomen area.  Coloring for rosary tattoos is pretty minimal due to the detail work in some designs. If color is used it’s usually dark brown, reds and always black shaded.


More Rosary Tattoos

rosary tattoo on chest


Rosary tattoo on foot


Images of rosary for inspiration

Brown bead rosary

Brown bead rosary

rosary in morning light

Rosary in morning light

Handmade Rosary with jesus on the cross

Handmade Rosary with jesus on the cross



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