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Introduction to Car Tattoos

Speed Car Tattoos

Car tattoos represent the love affair with the automobile which is as old as the invention of the automobile.  They have been referred to by women as their husband’s mistress; and they weren’t joking around. Cars offer us humans the ability to be in a semi protected environment and hit the road. We can hit the road fast or to just tour the countryside.  We own automobiles for various reasons; because they are works of art, an engineering masterpiece, because their “our ride”, our status symbol, and for some it’s their best friend.  Some people name their cars.  That’s how much personal identity a car can hold. That ranks pretty high on the personal “like” scale.  No wonder so many ask for car tattoos.

Types of Car Tattoos

Muscle Car Tattoos – Muscle car tattoos for the car lover may be the perfect tattoo for you. With their good looks and big engines, car lovers all have their favorite. You will first have to decide if your tattoo will be a real image of the car or have a cartoonish look to it. Ideas for muscle car tattoos may include scenery with the car such as grass, palm trees, United States Flag or anything else you may come up with. A cartoonish look may have the car with huge over size rear tires and a very over sized engine popping out of the hood with plenty of fire coming out of the engines pipes.

Low Rider Car Tattoos – Low rider car tattoos can represent a life style for many people both male and female. The car owners are known to put their heart and soul in to the design of their car. Most often seen in low rider car tattoos are ‘60s and ‘70s American made cars like the Chevy Impala or a Cadillac. Try a two dimensional view of the car with the bumper almost sitting on the ground in bold vivid colors for the paint job. Don’t forget the classic true spoke wire wheels.

Hotrod Car Tattoos – Hotrod car tattoos are a popular tattoo design and seen often on fans and car owners in the hot rod world. There are many cool hot rod designs out there to choose from. For a cool tattoo idea use the iconic 1934 Ford; the California Kid in a two dimensional view of front and side, adding trees, stop signs, or a ‘50s police car  will add a nice live touch. You may also choose to add a large classic Ford emblem or classic Ford v8 logo.

Classic Car Tattoos – Classic car tattoos are a great tattoo design that will show everyone your passion for the classic car. Classic car tattoos can are normally an American car from the ‘40s and ‘50s but you can find plenty of foreign cars as well. Popular cars used in classic car tattoos can be the ‘40 ford, ‘50 mercury, ‘57 Chevrolet, ‘55 Porsche 356. with plenty of scenery and color. By adding custom paint and wheels to the design in a two dimensional form will give the viewer of these classic car tattoos plenty to look at.

Cartoon Car Tattoos

Cartoon Car Tattoos – Cartoon car tattoos are a fun tattoo design for any car lover. It may be your own car tattoo design or a cartoon car from the movies or tv shows. Animating your car or dream car with big wheels and oversize engine can be one cartoon car example of this funny tattoo design. For someone the Mach 5 from Speed Racer may work very well also. Vehicles from the animated movie Cars remain popular.  Mater, Lightening McQueen, Strip “The King” Weathers, and Mrs. King are all characters represented by their own animated cartoon cars; easily designed into cartoon car tattoo.  Really cool is they all have a real story behind them. For instance for you NASCAR fans, Strip “The King” Weathers, is voiced over by Richard Petty and Mrs. King, is voiced over by his wife Lynda and drive a cartoon version of their real life station wagon used to transport the kids to and from track in the ‘70s. How’s that for cartoon car tattoo idea, ladies?

Race Car Tattoos – Race car tattoos are a must for any race fan. Some people choose their favorite race car with the wall of the race track set as the background in race car tattoos; other people may choose the race car with the image of the driver in the tattoo as well. As an example of race car tattoos,  use a two dimensional view of the race car, we’ll  say an Indy Car on the hairpin at Sears Point Raceway with the red and white wall in the background and orange cones marking the inside of the turn. This type of detail will makes great race car tattoos.

Coloring & Placement of Car Tattoos

Coloring – Coloring for these car tattoos is a must.  Depending on your choice of car tattoos you will want either bright or muted colors.  For the race car, cartoon and hotrod tattoos, you’ll want plenty of bright colors.  We’re talking, bright red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple, mist green, you get the picture, pretty much the whole color spectrum.  For low rider car tattoos, traditionally candy colors are used in bright tones with metallic gold swirled through.  Let imagination run here. Be sure to check out images, galleries and even low rider magazines for ideas.  Classic car tattoos will want to stay with the classic ink colors such as black, white, gray, beige, tan.  Not a lot of eye popping factory colors were used in the classic cars of old.

Placement – Placement of car tattoos are sometimes seen as large scale back pieces, but are also seen on the chest as well as arms.  Medium sized car tattoos can be placed on the shoulder, upper arm, calf, and thigh.  For women, the upper back, hip, ankle, waist, and lower back are nice placement areas.

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Tattoo of old car

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