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Cute Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly Tattoo Meaning is widespread around the globe and somewhat different in every culture.  There is folklore and symbolic belief attached to this beautiful insect.

Butterfly Tattoo Meaning in different Cultures

The most common butterfly tattoo meaning is representation of the life cycle.  Makes sense doesn’t it?  The butterfly represents birth, life and death. The butterfly lends itself to realistic coloring or fantasy coloring, either way the tattoo design is believable and representative of a real butterfly.

In the western world butterflies are designed and symbolized by a tattoo artist as; free, loving, and recognition that a life changing event has occurred in your life and just plain beautiful body art. This tat particularly appeals to women and often worn on the ankle, upper chest and lower back. For men, there is always that famous saying by one of our most famous boxers, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”  Imagine the fun design challenge here, if you happen to be a boxer or a fan.

Some cultures believe the butterfly carries the soul of their deceased loved one to the heavens. Applying this butterfly tattoo meaning; you could use the butterfly and your tattoo artist to create a beautiful personal anonymous memorial to a loved one.

For the meditative person or someone having difficulty calming their restless mind; the Greek word for butterfly was created because of the butterfly’s activity and literally translates to psyche or psychology representing the restless mind.  A butterfly tattoo could serve as a reminder to calm your restless mind.  In this case, the butterfly should be placed somewhere you could see it.  There are many possibilities here but the most logical would be from the shoulder to arm area or maybe the ankle.  Study some pictures of butterfly images in the gallery.

Butterfly tattoo meaning in the Christian world is symbolic of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Imagine coupling the butterfly with another well know symbol of the resurrection, the cross.

Beautiful Butterfly Tattoos

Some people reportedly get butterfly tattoos because they just like butterflies.  There is no special butterfly tattoo meaning attached other than they appreciate the artistic beauty of the insect and wish to wear it as body art.

This lovely insect can also represent love for another.  Some men are now getting butterfly tattoos to represent their female partner and then creating a more masculine background or other image to complement the butterfly. For a man, a good placement for this tat would be on his chest or shoulder blade.

Lastly the butterfly tattoo meaning can be further enhanced with ink coloring.  If you happen to believe in the power of colors and want to use color as part of your butterfly tattoo meaning and tattoo design, here are some ideas:

1. Use the color assigned to your astrological sign.

2. Combine the colors from you and your family’s astrological signs.

3. If the butterfly tattoo meaning is being applied to someone other than you, use their favorite colors.

4.  Choose colors that are believed to affect your mood.  Such as calming colors, tranquil colors, motivating colors, and colors that create trust.

If you are the person who wants a butterfly tattoo just because they’re beautiful, then have fun with your tattoo artist using color and create the most beautiful butterfly you’ve ever seen.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

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