44 Beautiful Flower Tattoos

If you’ve been looking to get a flower tattoo or any type of floral tattoo design, this article is for you.

Flowers have always been looked at as a symbol of femininity and natural beauty. Their soft petals and delicate nature fall into stereotypes of what is traditionally considered to be “feminine” by most societal standards, and their bright colors are a reminder of the beauty and ability of nature to produce amazing and colorful works of art. Perhaps for this reason, flowers have always been one of the most popular choices for tattoos among men and women alike. Coming in countless shapes, colors, sizes, and styles, the possibilities for a flower tattoo are literally endless. Whether you choose to make flowers the main focus of your body art or use them to accent a larger piece, they are a beautiful and versatile image to place on your body.

If you are looking to get a flower tattoo, here are just a few examples of what can be done with flower body art.

Gramaphone Flower Tattoo

This tattoo combines a love of old music with a beautiful flower.

flower tattoo 1


Intricate Flower Tattoo

This many-layered flower represents the layers of the person who wears it; lucky, strong, and proud.

flower tattoos on arm


 Daisy Flower Tattoo

These two daisies look beautiful on a purple background.

floral tattoo on calf


 Flowers and Bees Tattoo

This could be a friendship tattoo, with one person getting the image in cool tones and the other in warm tones.

flower tattoo on forearm


 Blue Flower Tattoo

This bright blue flower tattoo stands out against a grey background.

blue flower tattoos on shoulder


 Shoulder Flower Tattoo

This shoulder tattoo is a great accent to any tank top or beach wear.

flower tattoo on shoulder


 Red and Yellow Rose Tattoo

This red and yellow rose tattoo looks beautiful with purple flowers in the center.

flower tattoo on waist


 Blooming Rose Tattoo

These roses are in various stages of blooming, perhaps like the person who wears them as body art.

flower tattoo on arm


 Purple and Blue Flower Tattoo

This tattoo shows the long petals of a unique flower.

flower tattoo on back


 Lotus Flower Tattoo

This lotus flower tattoo symbolizes spiritual growth.

flower tattoo on back


 Pink Flower Tattoo

This tattoo shows small pink cherry blossom flowers surrounding a larger pink flower in the center.

flower tattoo on shoulder


 Pink Lotus Tattoo

This pink lotus flower tattoo opens upward to spiritual writings.

flower tattoo on back


 Black and White Flower Tattoo

A variety of black and white flowers adorn this woman’s shoulder.

flower tattoo on shoulder


 Red Flower Tattoo

The bright colors of this tattoo make it stand out from the crowd.

flower tattoo on hand


 Dreamy Rose Tattoo

This small rose tattoo is framed by the words “in dreams,” giving it a mysterious meaning.

flower tattoo on arm


 Flower Ankle Tattoo

Small flowers accent this delicate ankle and foot tattoo.

flower tattoo on ankle


 Purple and Orange Flower Tattoo

The long and whimsical petals of this flower are a perfect canvas for the orange and purple coloration.

flower tattoo on forearm


 Hometown Flower Tattoo

This flower tattoo pays tribute to the person’s hometown.

flower tattoo on waist


 Orange Flower Tattoo

This blooming flower tattoo could represent blooming into a new person.

flower tattoo on shoulder


 Colorful Flower Half-Sleeve

Colorful flowers and butterflies weave in and out of the grey background of this half-sleeve.

flower tattoo on arm


 Blooming Flower Tattoo

This blooming orange flower is sleek.

flower tattoo on leg


 Purple Flowers Tattoo

These dainty purple flowers create a feminine piece of body art.

flower tattoo on foot

 Ruffled Flower Tattoo

This beautiful, brightly-colored flower tattoo has ruffled petals.

flower tattoo on wrist


Lizard Flower Tattoo

The pink of this flower is complimented by the green of the lizard.

flower tattoo on arm


 Detailed Flower Tattoo

The shading of this flower tattoo creates a dark and beautiful image.

flower tattoo on calf


 Pink and Orange Flower Tattoo

These small cherry blossoms are accented with bright pops of pink and orange.

flower tattoo on calf


Pink and Purple Flower Tattoo

These pink and purple flowers weave in and out of one another.

flower tattoo on calfose



Pink Rose Tattoo

This pink rose tattoo makes for a beautiful lower back tattoo.

flower tattoo on waist


Flower Tattoo with Leaves

This tattoo shows a pink flower with many leaves surrounding it.

flower tattoo


Flower Tattoo Sleeve

This sleeve is created by shading around the delicate flowers.

flower tattoo on arm

Purple and Yellow Flower Tattoo

This purple and yellow flower tattoo is a great addition to this woman’s wrist.

flower tattoo on wrist



Shoulder Lotus Flower

This black and white lotus flower looks beautiful on the left shoulder.

flower tattoo on shoulder


 Musical Flower Tattoo

Music notes wrap around these pink and purple flowers, showing a harmony between nature and music.

flower tattoo on waist


Pink Long-Petaled Flower Tattoo

Shades of pink and green bring life to these beautiful flowers.

flower tattoo on waist


Asian-Inspired Flower Tattoo

These two flowers on a woman’s back are accented by Chinese characters.

flower tattoo on back



Fairy Flower Tattoo

This fairy with butterfly wings sits atop a beautiful pink flower.

flower tattoo on shoulder blade


Pineapple Flower Tattoo

These tropical flowers create a beautiful base for the image of the pineapple.

flower tattoo on arm



Shoulder Rose Tattoo

The colors on the leaves of this flower tattoo are unique.

flower tattoo on shoulder


Hip Flower Tattoo

This beautiful flower body art flows over a woman’s hip.

flower tattoo on waist


Tiny Toe Flower Tattoo

This tiny flower tattoo is located on the top of the big toe, making it cute and subtle.

flower tattoo on toe


Pretty Flower Tattoo

Purple and green tones give this flower tattoo a mysterious look.

flower tattoo on shoulder


Cherry Blossom Shoulder Tattoo

This cherry blossom tattoo is a bright addition to the woman’s shoulder.

flower tattoo on shoulder

Flower Bouquet Tattoo

This bouquet of flowers looks amazing on the shoulder.

flower tattoo on shoulder blade



Flower Hand Tattoos

These flower tattoos, placed on the hands, are a work of art.

flower tattoo on hands

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