Dragon Tattoos for Men – Ideas & Designs

Great Dragon Tattoos for Men

The options for dragon tattoos for men are wide and vast. This article will help you narrow down your choices.  Design style, color, placement suggestions, some symbolism and meaning, and art will be discussed.

Dragon Tattoos for Men – Style

Design style is probably the toughest.  Dragon tattoos for men can be inked in tribal, Celtic, traditional, abstract, or a blend or different styles.  Deciding on a style will be your first challenge.  If you consider yourself to be a minimalist; go with tribal.  Dragon tattoos for men in tribal style give the simple minimalist, primal look that complements the dragon’s primal history.  However if you are a traditionalist, you’ll want to check out images of oriental dragon tattoos for men.  It isn’t that European dragons aren’t traditional; it’s just that the oriental dragons are more widely used an offer an opportunity for more detail and design.  The one drawback is that only one dragon is depicted with wings. This Chinese dragon is considered the god of wind and again is the only one depicted with wings.  He is also considered a trouble maker.   So if you have your heart set on wings and meaning isn’t real important, go with the European dragons.

Coloring of  Dragon Tattoos for Men

Color adds dimension and movement to dragon tattoos for men.  This doesn’t eliminate the tribal style, for many people are adding color to their tribal tats now days.  They do this in the dragon itself or in the background of the traditional tribal black.  But if you’re considering a large scale traditional back dragon tattoo for men; have fun with color!  Here you will need to decide if you want to incorporate meaning and symbolism to the tat or if you’re creating a beautiful piece of body art for art’s sake.  If meaning is important to you, here are some considerations.  Dragon facing up – positive, dragon facing down – negative, colors of the dragon are assigned to specific oriental dragons that represent certain aspects of life.  Don’t be afraid to use several colors in dragon tattoos.

Further Ideas for Dragon Tattoos

Nice Dragon Tattoos for Men

Why not represent the aspects of several dragons in one tattoo?  Here is an example; gold­- kindness and wisdom, blue and green – good health, fortune,  and  luck,  red – fire, passion and activity, black – vengeance and worry and white – mourning and purity, a blending of any of these will create a representation of your personality.  For further meaning, the Chinese astrological calendar includes the dragon.  The year 2012 is the year of the Water Dragon.  Water dragon tattoos for men would signify some special meaning to the year 2012.  The water dragon probably will not occur again in your life time because it takes about 50 years to cycle through the four elemental Chinese astrological dragons.  The water dragon is optimistic and wants to help.  Sometime she has a problem learning when it’s time to let go of things.

Whatever your choice in dragon tattoos for men, they make an awesome tattoo that is timeless and classy.  They make beautiful body art and can be sized in different styles to fit any part of your body.  Have fun browsing dragon tattoos for men.

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