Yin Yang Tattoos – Designs, Ideas & Meaning

The nature of Yin Yang tattoos are almost what could be called duality in the western world; but not quite.  Assuming that you are already familiar with the Yin Yang traditional symbol; the reason for the white dot on the dark side is for a touch of masculinity and the corresponding dark spot on the light side is for a touch of femininity.  The dark side of the Yin Yang represents the female aspect, while the light side represents the masculine aspect.  Yin Yang represents the duality of all things in the world.  For every positive there is a negative, for every sadness a joy and so on. For many people this is a belief system; the nature of duality in the world.  It explains why there is bad for instance. Without bad we would not recognize good.  This is a very simplistic explanation.  However, it supplies the general meaning of the symbol.

Ideas for Yin Yang Tattoos

Ideas for Yin Yang tattoos are plentiful and splendid.  First you can go with the traditional black and white circle with the corresponding dots. By the way, Yin Yang tattoos and the symbol itself are always created in a circular pattern; representing the never ending nature of duality and life.

Any number of items can be used to create Yin Yang tattoos.  Two koi fish tattoos are popular; using one light and one dark fish circling each other.

The sun and moon again are representations of the male and female aspects and inked as Yin Yang tattoos look spectacular.   You can accomplish this by using a half moon and half sun.  The conflict here is that the coloring is difficult to manage.  Remember that the dark side of Yin Yang is female and the moon also represents female.  You will need to talk with your tattoo artist about your concept in shading the moon half so that it appears darker than the bright sun half which will need to appear “lighter”.

Celtic Yin Yang tattoos work well too.  Create a circle of Celtic twists or knots.  Lace one half and not the other maintaining the tear drop traditional shape of the Yin Yang symbol.

Great Yin Yang Tattoos

Yin Yang tattoos do not have to be black and white as in the case of the koi fish mentioned above.  Pick any creature of your choice, say dragons, and wrap them around each other, keeping one a dark color and the other light, again in a circular pattern.

For a modern version of the traditional Yin Yang tattoos try using different colors. Instead of the traditional black and white, try purples and yellows, or a dark blue and a light blue.

Coloring & Placement of Yin Yang Tattoos

Coloring of Yin Yang tattoos are really up to you unless you are a traditionalist; then stick with black and white.  Use your imagination when it comes to the different items you could wrap around each other; like people for instance, the female would be darker than the male.

Placement of Yin Yang tattoos can go just about anywhere because of their size. This of course depends on whether or not you choose to use unusual items to create the circle of duality in which case it will require more skin for detail.

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