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Great tribal Wolf Tattoos

There are many beliefs surrounding the meaning or symbolism of this lovely creature. When shopping the gallery or pictures for ideas for tribal wolf tattoos, if you want something really extraordinary, grab this opportunity to learn a little bit more about the wolf. Most of what we know about the wolf is a blend of myth, legend, antiquity, mythology, and observation.

We will begin with myths that have developed over time and have absolutely no basis in fact. Interestingly, most tribal wolf tattoos are designed with just one wolf. Most people have heard of the “lone wolf” which generally means a person who likes to go their own way. However in the world of wolves, there really are no lone wolves. The only time a wolf is alone is possibly when hunting or he’s at the bottom of the hierarchy and needs to find a new pack; it isn’t because he wants to be alone. Second myth; wolves howl for a lot of reasons, but the moon is not one of them. They howl whether the moon is full or not. Consider this when talking over tribal wolf tattoos with your design artist.

In almost all cultures the wolf is recognized and symbolized as a creature of dual nature. In other words, the wolf is considered both destructive and nurturing. The wolf then could symbolize a joining of these two natures. Along with that he is considered a teacher by some Native Americans in addition to having the features of; loyalty, guardianship, spirit, and that of a pathfinder. In European culture he is almost always depicted as ferocious and fearsome. The Finnish traditionally considered the wolf useless. In the Asian culture, it is believed that a wolf or wolves guard the gates of heaven.

Cool Tribal Wolf Tattoos

Let’s translate all of the above to tribal wolf tattoos. The lone wolf is either hunting or looking for a new family. Maybe this describes you perfectly and lone wolf tribal tattoos would be perfect. However, because in truth they are extremely loyal and social in their packs, perhaps consider tribal wolf tattoos with more than one wolf representing their true social behavior and possibly your family or pack. For men, wolves are also known as warriors. For women, the wolf’s extreme intuitive skills and their nurturing nature are perfect for tribal wolf tattoos of a mother wolf and cubs. A tattoo of this design would wear well on a woman’s chest, shoulder or back.

Men probably will want to gravitate toward the destructive, protective, guardian, aspect of tribal wolf tattoos. A return to the Asian belief of wolves guarding the gates of heaven could speak to a man’s spirituality as well as his warrior guardian spirit.

It has been mentioned by some scholars that in the ancient Celtic beliefs, the wolf was thought to track down and eat the sun each day so the moon could come up. Visualize that as tribal wolf tattoos. Imagine the design patterns around this scene. The moon, the sun, the wolf, the howling or growling: you could have it all! Of course you would need a good amount of skin to devote to this tat. It would wear well on a back or chest for a man or a woman.

Whether looking for meaning or not, tribal wolf tattoos are awesome. The wolf is such a tribal creature; he belongs in that type of design.

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