Small Tattoos for Men – A few Great Examples…


Small tattoos for men are gaining popularity these days. Men, the message is everything doesn’t have to be BIG.  No matter what anyone tells you, size does not matter!  You can have lots of big things and lots of small things, its okay. This applies to body. Being inked with a small tattoo has no hidden connotations; at least that’s what they’ll tell you.  No, kidding aside, small tattoos have their place in man’s world.  For your first tattoo for instance, you may want to go small. If you’re try out a new artist, but you’re not quite sure about them; you can go small.   If you’re afraid your woman’s going to be miffed because you couldn’t resist the urge to get inked one more time; you can go small.

Small Swallow tattoo on man

Small swallow tattoo on man’s wrist

Small tattoos aren’t just for women anymore.  With this rotten economy who can afford to feed their tattoo addiction with giant themed tattoos anyway.  This isn’t a sale pitch and I’m sure you don’t permission, however if you existing body art now is the time to fill in some of those spaces with smaller tattoos.

You can do this by getting that shade work done that you always wanted. Or that bare spot you’ve been staring at on your sleeve contemplating what to put there; this is the time.

But that isn’t what we’re really talking about. We’re talking let go of the manly man thing.  Small tattoos for men are OK. It doesn’t have to be big to be manly.  You could probably wear your child’s name proudly on your chest close to your heart in a two inch by six inch rectangle of font.  This is what we’re talking about.  It’s okay to get that skeleton on your forearm, when your lover is wearing the lock.  No explanation necessary to anyone.

Unusual small tattoos are a way to show your individuality. Seriously, did you love or really super like your very small personal toys as a kid.  Depending on what era you grew up in, we’re talking Hot Wheels, Transformers, skateboards, or tech toys and your feeling a bit nostalgic about them.  Consider them for small tattoo ideas.  The world of body art is changing every day.  New trends come and go as we write this article.  Another popular small tattoo trend at this time is to a word inked in your favorite font.  We’re not talking a book here, or a phrase, saying or lengthy quote; just a word; but when considering a word think of one that is meaningful to you Again its body art; no explanation needed.

Ideas for Small Tattoos for Men

Hearts in Small Tattoos – Hearts in small tattoos for men are on the rise in popularity with men. The small design adds a level of confidence for men to show it off to their buddies in the man cave or work without too much kidding from the boys. Try a bright red heart with a blue ribbons free flowing around the heart with your girl’s name over the top.  Hearts in small tattoos designs for a guy look great on the side of a finger, inside of the wrist, behind the ear or on the calf.

Devil in Small Tattoos. Devil in small tattoos are a very popular design for men. The devil image will represent the rebel and trickster that lies under your skin. Try a small devil in red with its wings spread looking up as if he is pondering his next new trick for a cartoonish look.  The small size looks more menacing in single dark colored ink and looks good on the hand, wrist, below the collar bone, ankle and foot.

Can he handle a small tattoo? :)

Tribal art in small tattoos – Tribal art in small tattoos form can make great small tattoos for men. Quick ideas here for tribal art in small tattoos are; a tribal bear, it has a very masculine meaning of power and in a side view in the tribal razor pattern its razor edges look sharp. You could also try a tribal flame pattern in a small finger band in single black ink. In single color ink or with color added your tribal art in small tattoos will look great on the hand, finger, wrist, forearm or neck.

North Star small tattoos – North Star small tattoos have a long history with men. The North Star design helps a man keep pointed in the right direction in life, and always knows which direction to go to get home to his family. Try a small north star in red and black ink on the side of a finger, back of the hand, wrist, or forearm for quick visual reference.

Shamrock Small Tattoos – Shamrock small tattoos are a fun design to tattoo on your body guys. After all we could all use a little good Irish luck. Try a four leaf clover in green on your neck for good visibility. You may want to try a three leaf clover in patriotic Red, White and Blue design.

Images of Small Tattoos for Men

cross tattoo on hand

tattoo on man's leg

neck tattoo on male



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