Shoulder Tattoos

One of the major questions people have when they are considering a tattoo is where to place it on their body.  A great location option for anyone considering getting new ink is the shoulder. This is because shoulder tattoos are easily concealed with most professional attire, but they are also easy to show off during summer months. While shoulder tattoos have always been a very popular option with men, in recent years they have seen growing popularity with the female population as well.  Whether it’s a single tattoo or a part of a larger design, the shoulder offers a perfect canvas for all kinds of body art. From masculine tribal designs to feminine floral patterns, the possibilities for shoulder tattoos are endless.

Whether it is your first tattoo or your hundredth, if you are thinking about getting inked on this part of your body, take a look at the pictures below for inspiration!


Intricate Tribal Tattoo

This tribal tattoo has lots of intricate details that add interest to a shoulder tattoo.

shoulder tattoo


Jesus Shoulder Tattoo

This tattoo pays respect to the person’s religion.

shoulder tattoo



Cherry Blossom Shoulder Tattoo

These cherry blossoms are a perfect example of a feminine shoulder tattoo.

shoulder tattoo

Tribal Sun Shoulder Tattoo

This sun looks awesome in any sleeveless top.

shoulder tattoo



Devil Shoulder Tattoo

This colorful devil tattoo is accented by bright flowers.

shoulder tattoo


Dragon Shoulder Tattoo

This abstract black dragon tattoo looks great against a more colorful background.

shoulder tattoo



Feminine Hummingbird Tattoo

This hummingbird tattoo beautifully follows the shape of the woman’s shoulder.

shoulder tattoo


Koi Fish Shoulder Tattoo

The placement of this tattoo wraps around the entire shoulder, giving it a very cool appearance.

shoulder tattoo


Orange and Black Dragon Tattoo

Shades of orange and black bring this fiery dragon to life.

shoulder tattoo


Feminine Koi Tattoo

Pink flowers give this koi shoulder tattoo a feminine edge.

shoulder tattoo



Vintage Bird Shoulder Tattoo

These shoulder tattoos are reminiscent of old school military tattoos.

shoulder tattoo


Green and Purple Shoulder Tattoo

This green and purple flower tattoo looks great on this woman’s shoulder.

shoulder tattoo

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