Scorpion Tattoo Designs – Ideas & Inspiration for Scorpion Tattoos

Scorpion Tattoos are sought after for various reasons.  Probably one of the most popular is to represent the sign of Scorpio.  The second most popular is because the scorpion is known for its vicious sting and its nature to fight to the death.  Scorpion stings, if you’ve experienced one, in North America, are similar to a bee sting.  However this is entirely dependent on your individual body’s response to their venom. Some people are allergic to scorpion stings and it will send them right to the hospital just like a bee sting.  Of the 1500 known species only about five are known to be fatal.  Two  important piece information for your scorpion tattoos  is a scorpion is not an insect with six legs it is an arachnid with eight legs and the position of the scorpion in your scorpion tattoo is very important.  Scorpions get in position when they are ready to sting; much a like a snake.  A simple scorpion crawling around with a flattened tail is pretty much harmless.  It is when they have their tail arched forward that they are threatening you.  They throw their back into a flat position when stinging.  This information will help ensure that you get an accurate illustration of scorpion tattoos and also help define the nature in which you’d like to portray your scorpion.

Ideas for Scorpion Tattoos

Men’s Scorpion Tattoos – Men’s scorpion tattoos are seen often for many different reasons. Their popularity is so strong due to the scorpion’s nasty well known reputation. Men will ink the scorpion as a reminder to all that the sting is much worse than the bite. For a men’s scorpion tattoos design a two dimensional view from the front and side of the scorpion with its grasping claws held in close together in a defensive stance would illustrate that manly stance you’re after. You could also try a side view of the scorpion with its back arched in a foreword stance, and its grasping claw held high in the air, and of course its tail forward in stinging position. This design would illustrate the scorpion in their most menacing pose as well.

Women’s Scorpion Tattoos – Women’s scorpion tattoos are still just as popular as they have been for many years. The scorpion has many different meanings for the ladies. They do represent power, adaptability and even sensuality. Where women’s scorpion tattoos are inked will have a lot to do with that meaning. For a meaning of power or strength a two dimensional view of the scorpion with its stinger high in the air and claws at the ready, tattooed high on the body so everyone can see it will work just fine. For a sensual look, try a top view of the scorpion in a fully relaxed poise on a sensitive part of the body, like the waist or ankle.

Celtic Scorpion Tattoos – Celtic scorpion tattoos are generally inked on men and women for their meanings of agility, power, and fortitude.  This design is simply great looking. Try a repeating the Celtic trinity loop which has a meaning of, body, mind and spirit.  This is a three sided design, to form the scorpion’s body, tail and claw.  If using the scorpion for meaning in a Celtic scorpion tattoos, consider adding other creatures that represent your personality as well.  In this way you would a piece of body that would act as your totem.

Black Scorpion Tattoos – Black scorpions tattoos are usually referring to one of the largest scorpions in the world. They are known as the Emperor Scorpion and are on average 8 inches long and black as the dark night sky.  Emperor Scorpions are burrowers and will lie in wait for their next victim and so for a quick tattoo idea; the front half of the body of the Emperor Scorpion and claws in a tattoo design that looks as if is coming out of your skin. Consider that this design will take a medium to large amount of skin, but will be outstanding!

Scorpio Scorpion Tattoos – Scorpio scorpion tattoos for those of you born between October 24, and November 22, may be the perfect tattoo to describe yourself. The Scorpio tattoo design looks good in many different styles. They look very bold in a tribal pattern, and seem to look and fit the personality of you Scorpios. Try a tribal razor pattern in the claws and body with the curved tail in the flame tribal design so everyone knows the burning pain they will feel if they cross you. For a softer approach use the same pattern with the half curled up tail in a non aggressive stance with a bright rose crossed in the design.

Coloring, Placement and Sizing of Scorpion Tattoos

Coloring for scorpion tattoos will vary.  For a realistic look in a scorpion tattoos you will find them in the colors, yellow, black, dark green, pink, light orange, sand and whites. Most often scorpion tattoos are inked in single dark colored ink. Ultra violet light will create very pretty colors of reds, blues, and greens when under the black light. So use the coloring charts to create a single color or a unique one of a kind scorpion tattoos.

Placement and sizing for your scorpion tattoos depends entirely on your choice. . Medium and large scorpion tattoos look great on the back, arm, shoulders, chest and waist. Try the scorpion on the chest with the tail going over the shoulder; looks very cool. Smaller scorpion tattoos look great behind the ear and on the hand, thigh, calf, and ankle. Some women are tattooing a small scorpion right bellow the bikini line. There are many galleries to look through with your tattoo artist, and many ideas still to discuss. So enjoy the process and remember these two words.  GOT INK?