Anchor Tattoos – Designs & Ideas

anchor tattooThere is so much history associated with anchor tattoos. The early Christians sailors used anchor tattoos as a symbol of the cross. In time anchor tattoos were worn by experienced sailors as a rite of passage. In modern times anchor tattoos are seen on sailors for pride of their job and also water lovers to symbolize the love of boating and water sports. Anchor tattoos also have a meaning of stability and strong foundations which is its real appeal these days with both men and women.

Types of Anchor Tattoos

Navy Anchor Tattoos – Navy anchor tattoos are great looking tattoos that are almost a must to show your Navy pride for all sailors.  A design idea is an anchor at a 45 degree angle with the word Navy from top to bottom in the shank the vertical section of the anchor. Include the name of the ship tattooed in the crown or bottom of the anchor. Brass or steel colors look great for trim on the wood parts and make for some cool Navy anchor tattoos.

Old School Anchor Tattoos – Old school anchor tattoos are classic tattoos from the 1920s to the 1950s and are still anchor tattoos favorites with a meaning of strength and stability. A quick idea here is a single dark ink anchor with a length of chain slowly looping down the shank. Flags, eagle’s, daggers or, north stars can be worked in these tattoos and look great. Stick to reds and black to keep the old school anchor tattoos look.

Anchor Tattoos for WomenAnchor tattoos for women are most often seen as a symbol of strength. An idea here is an anchor with the bottom only showing in a two tone colors choice. In place of the shank or vertical section tattoo a north star with a circle boarder with the ring of the anchor showing above the boarder of the ring. Try using the same colors used in the anchor, in the North Star to make it look like its all one piece.

Tiny Anchor Tattoos – Tiny anchor tattoos very popular with women and the tattoo is about the size of a penny. A simply design here is a tiny anchor with the shank of the anchor in dark in ink and the crown in your color choice. The top or the eye in a steel or brass colored ink and the same color used for the length of chain that is looping down the anchor.

Rose and Anchor Tattoo – Rose and anchor tattoos are popular with women for the meaning of strength and beauty.  A couple of ideas here is an anchor and a yellow rose in full bloom in a cartoonish design. The shank and eye of the anchor will be pointing through the center of the rose. The crown of the anchor will be under the bottom of the yellow rose. Have fun with the coloring and shading in this cartoonish design. Try tattooing an upside down anchor with the bottom of the crown or bottom of the anchor in a circular shape. The vertical line of the tattoo will come down to meet three roses seen in a top view looking straight down at them in a circular design opposite of the crown of the anchor. From the center of the tattoo make two lines at an angle to meet the two outside roses to form a peace sign.

Anchor Necklace tat

Anchor Necklace Tattoo Design

Mermaid Anchor Tattoos – Mermaids anchor tattoos are often seen for the fantasy appearance and strength. An idea here is an anchor leaning to the left at about a 45 degree angle with part of the crown buried in sand. The mermaid will have one hand on the eye of the anchor with her body vertical to the anchor and torso and tail winding down the shank in a lazy 180 degree twist as if she is leaning out in to the seas current. The mermaids hair flowing to the left in the slow current of the sea along with a few long strands of green plant life and a few fish. You may consider using your features and personality traits in the mermaid’s appearance.

Anchor Tattoos on the Feet – Anchor tattoos on the feet make a great symbolic statement for the wearer of the tattoo. The anchor is grounding and so are the feet. An idea for these tattoos is to try the anchor with the bottom curved part as close to the toes as possible. The design looks great in a cartoonish view with plenty of your favorite colors no matter what they are.

Heart Anchor Tattoos – Heart Anchor Tattoos is a classic design with a long tradition as a memorial for the living and those who have passed on. An idea here is try an anchor in the side view with plenty of detail in the vertical section and the crown with cracks and chips in the wood. The metal parts of the anchor need good shading work to make them look rustic. In the center of the anchor will be the around three quarters the size of the anchor looking as if the heart has been pierced by the shank of the anchor. Use a section of rope or chain looping around the heart, as if it is holding the heart in the center of the anchor. Adding banners with the names of your kids is a nice way to finish it off.

Coloring and Placement of Anchor Tattoos

Coloring for anchor tattoos will be Grey, brown, red, blue, orange, black, yellow, and rust for a realistic view or any of your favorite colors for a cartoonish look; have fun with your color choice.

Placement of your anchor tattoos will depend on the size and if you want it visible at all times. Large tattoos look great on the shoulder, back, chest, upper arm or lower leg. Medium to small sizes look good behind the ear, neck, forearm, hands, waist, calf and feet.

Your tattoo artist can help you with their past experiences with anchor tattoos along with their galleries to find or design the perfect tattoo for you.

More Anchor Tattoo Designs

anchor tattoo on wrist

Anchor tattoo on wrist


anchor tattoo

Beautiful anchor tattoo on leg