Lotus Flower Tattoos – Ideas, Meaning & Lotus Tattoo Designs

lotus flower body art

Lotus flower tattoos are beautiful!

One of the most popular flowers that people, especially women, get as tattoos is the lotus flower tattoo. Why? Because the lotus is a tattoo that has flexible designs and a whole slew of symbolism connected to them. They look good in both large and small designs and fit will on most any part of the body. They are also the perfect cover up tattoos. With their large and beautiful petals, they can cover up most any tattoo that is no longer wanted.

What the Lotus Flower Tattoo Symbolizes

There are many things that the lotus represents and the meaning behind them depends heavily on the culture they are from. The Egyptians associate the lotus with the sun, creation, water, rebirth and death. Buddhists connect the lotus with spiritual awakenings, purity, faithfulness, desire and enlightenment. The Hindu people connect the lotus with fertility, beauty, eternity and prosperity,

The Colors of the Lotus

Lotus water tattoo

Lotus flower tattoos can easily be combined with other tattoos

There are several fantastic colors to get your lotus tattoo in.

Blue: The blue lotus represents victory, wisdom, knowledge and intelligence.

White: This represents awakenings, good mental health, the perfection of spirit and the acceptance of a person’s nature.

Purple: Purple is a mystical color for the lotus. It is representative of a noble path and the teachings of Buddha.

Pink: this is known as the true flower of Buddha.

Red: This lotus represents the heart, love and compassion.

Popular Placement of Lotus Flower Tattoos

lotus tattooAs stated above, it is very rare to find a body part that the lotus flower will not look wonderful as a tattoo. Here are some of the most popular places however:

  • The back – any area of it. The lotus looks fantastic in a large design in the middle of the back. You can also place mid-sized and smaller designs on the shoulder blades and the small of the back.
  • The hip and the side is also a popular place to put a lotus flower tattoo.
  • The stomach area near the navel.
  • The foot.
  • The ankle.
  • The calf.
  • The neck; both back and side.

 Celebrities with Lotus Flower Tattoos

For those of you who do not know who Charlize Theron is, she is a beautiful super model and actress. She has shown her deep appreciation for the lotus flower by having one tattooed on her right foot. In fact, many well known (and not so well known) models sport lotus flower tattoos. Since they model, their designs are generally smaller and can be hidden easily. Don’t think that the lotus is only a tattoo for the ladies though! Rumor has it that both Brad and Angelina (AKA Brangelina) both have lotus flower tattoos as a symbol of the deep love, commitment and respect for each other, their relationship and their ever growing family.

The lotus is a great choice for anyone who is debating on what type of flower to get a tattoo of. No matter where you were thinking of putting your body art, the lotus will fit in perfectly!

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