Broken Heart Tattoos – Designs, Ideas & Meaning

Awesome Broken Heart Tattoos

Broken heart tattoos are one of those tattoos that have just a little bit of sorrow attached somewhere.  It doesn’t matter why you’re getting inked with this design, there has to have been some sadness and sorrow at sometime.  Maybe you’ve transcended and now it’s a reminder or maybe you’re still in the midst.  This will affect your decision on broken heart tattoos, so take a little time to reflect on your purpose.  Specifically, people wear them because they represent that you no longer love another, that a person they love has left this world and gone on to another, or that someone they love no longer loves them.

Types of Broken Heart Tattoos

Broken heart tattoos as memorials are not just for people. Although people are generally those who we wish to memorialize with broken heart tattoos, pets are also memorialized with broken heart tattoos. Designs for these tattoos used as memorials for a loved one are very personal.  You will need to decide if you want it visible or hidden. This will help you decide on the design.  If it is hidden, you may want to keep it simpler, because you’ll wear it as a personal reminder.  If you want to share your memory, wearing more artistically designed broken heart tattoos is probably more preferable because now you have body art.  Broken heart tattoos are most commonly illustrated as the common heart shape with a crack down the middle; separating the heart in to two pieces.  This is the simplest design. As a memorial, consider adding banners, names, dates, other symbols that were important to the deceased or the two of you.  If it was your pet, consider a paw print, or a likeness of your bird, gecko, snake, dog, cat or other creature that you loved.

Beautiful Heart Tattoos

Broken heart tattoos worn because love is lost but the people involved are still alive are another matter.  This is similar to having someone’s name tattooed on you that may or may not be a temporary separation. There are two ways to look at this.  One way is, for instance, people in a relationship, who are separated for long periods of time, because they have to be.  Examples are people who are in the military, truckers, oil field workers, fisherman, or any other profession that takes you away from home and your love.  The second example would be the situations where you loved some and they loved but it turn out not.  In this instance, you might want to shop broken heart tattoos for a simple design.  They are all absolutely beautiful in their sad way, but remember you’ll be wearing this for the rest of your life.  If you’re sad about the broken relationship and you want to remember what you learned, again keep it simple for a reminder.

Color & Placement of Broken Heart Tattoos

Color for broken heart tattoos is a must.  This is absolutely true for those of you who want the simple broken heart tattoos for a memorial.  They look beautiful with dark red, blending to oranges, and yellows.  For the lost love, red at the top of the heart graduating to black at the bottom is a great look.

Placement of broken heart tattoos because of sizing allows for the chest, arm, back, abdomen, hand, ankle, foot, fingers, and neck.

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