Tons of Stunning Dragon Tattoos

Dragon tattoos are a highly popular option for body art, and it is easy to see why. In addition to being beautiful and intimidating creatures, dragons have a rich history and mythology that appeals to many people. In Asian countries like China and Japan, dragons are said to be supernatural creatures that control the elements, especially water. Other Eastern cultures say that dragons invented the art of writing and passed it down to mankind, giving us the power of words. In Europe, dragons were admired for their protective traits and abilities in war, giving dragons a reputation for being ferocious. The dragon symbolizes a cunning, strong, dominant and independent figure which lives by its own rules, making it a great choice for anyone possessing or wishing to possess those qualities.

If you are considering getting a dragon tattoo, there are a wide variety of styles to choose from. Take a look at the following works of art for inspiration!

Chinese Dragon Tattoo

This whiskered dragon is typical of many dragons found in Chinese culture.

dragon tattoo

 Colorful Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Using yellow, red, and pink ink, this Chinese dragon tattoo takes on a life of its own.

dragon tattoo on arm


Twisting Dragon Tattoo

This long and twisting dragon weaves itself through Asian characters.

dragon tattoo on back




Water Dragon Tattoo

This brightly colored dragon tattoo uses its powers to manipulate the water around it.

dragon tattoo on shoulder blade


 Humanoid Dragon Tattoo

This dragon is shown standing in an upright position and wearing a coat, giving it an eerie human appearance.

dragon tattoo


 Bold Dragon Tattoo

Using bold, black outlines, this dragon tattoo is accented by writing at the base of its tail.

dragon tattoo on arm


 Dragon Back Tattoo

This fearsome dragon is positioned beautifully on the woman’s back, with its tail leading down her arm.

dragon tattoo on shoulder



Fire Dragon Tattoo

This large, red dragon shoots fire from its mouth, creating a beautiful piece of work on the back.

dragon tattoo on back



Green Dragon Tattoo

The green and orange tones of this dragon stand out.

dragon tattoo on forearm



Dragon Chest Tattoo

This black dragon chest tattoo is completed by the red of the dragon’s eye.

dragon tattoo on chest



Tribal Dragon Tattoo

This dragon tattoo uses the shapes found commonly in tribal tattoos to form a mythical creature.



dragon tattoo



Grey Scale Dragon Tattoo

Intricate detail and shades of grey give this dragon tattoo depth and a realistic look.

dragon tattoo

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