15 Deer Tattoos You Must See

Getting a deer tattoo can hold significant importance to some and sometimes symbolizes power and purity or it can simply mean that the person with a deer tattoo love deer. Oftentimes, people who enjoy hunting like to get a deer tattoo. The often have the skull or a picture of the prized deer he or she has mounted on their wall tattooed on them. Others believe that a deer tattoo will bring protection to them.

No matter what reason a person has for getting a deer tattoo there are many different designs to choose from. The designs range from realistic such as a hunting scene or cutesy like a cartoon. Characters such as Bambi with a little butterfly on his tail are often a popular choice. Some people use company or brand logos that depict a deer as their logo. Listed below are some amazing deer tattoos to choose from.


Sweet Blue Deer

A large deer tattoo with a very sweet expression is surrounded by little black dots that hold a diamond with a heart and flower at the base.

Sweet Blue Deer Tattoo



Realistic Deer

A brown realistic looking deer tattoo with an abstract scene behind it.

Realistic Deer Tattoo



Deer On the Shoulder

A realistic male deer’s head and neck on the shoulder.

Shoulder Deer Tattoo



Young Deer’s Silhouette 

A baby deer in black on the calf with two tiny butterflies flying around.

Silhouette Deer Tattoo



Mounted Buck Tattoo

A lighter palette for a deer mounted on a plaque and tattooed on a hand.

Mounted Deer Tattoo



Realistic Mounted Buck

A more realistic looking buck head on a plaque with a dramatic shadow behind it.

Mounted Deer Tattoo



Deer in the Woods

A deer walking through the woods during the fall on the man’s upper arm.

Awesome Deer Tattoo




A young Bambi with a butterfly on his tail from the Disney movie.

Cute Deer Tattoo



Browning Deer Logo

The logo is done in a brown camo pattern on the upper arm.

Browning Logo Deer Tattoo



A Sweet Deer Tattoo

This tattoo looks a bit Christmas like with the yellow deer, the greens beside it and the red bow below it – nonetheless, it’s still cute!

Sweet Deer Tattoo



The Deer with the Antler Trees

This young deer has trees growing from its head rather than antlers, it is definitely a unique back tattoo.

Deer Tattoo with Antler as trees



Deer Skull Tattoo

This white skull with brown antlers is designed rather well for those with a more morbid taste in deer tattoos.

Skull of a Deer Tattoo



Deer Badge

This badge has the silhouette of a deer’s head on the side of this man’s chest.

Awesome Badge Of a Deer Tattoo



Deer Head Tattoo

This deer tattoo on the man’s head has an interesting line art pattern.

Deer Tattoo for the head



Deer Tattoo on Chest

This grey scale deer head  is on a plaque (possibly unfinished) in between the man’s chest.

Deer Tattoo on Chest


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