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Jesus forearm tattoo

Jesus forearm tattoo

At first glance Jesus tattoos seem like a simple subject.  Most galleries are full of flash of portraits of Jesus and in fact those are probably the most popular Jesus tattoos.

Ideas for Jesus Tattoos

Jesus is usually depicted from the chest up either shaded in black or tattooed in colors, wearing the thorns, representing the time in his life when he was crucified.  Generally He is facing up, looking toward his father.  There are many variations of these Jesus tattoos.

A fuller body version of these Jesus tattoos illustrates Jesus from the waist up enabling the tattoo artist to include the sacred heart of Jesus in the design.  This design also offers the opportunity to add embellishments such as robes, possibly a rosary, and a better view of the hair.

Another version of Jesus tattoos depicts Jesus on the Cross.  These Jesus tattoos range from the minimalist to the elaborate.  Each person has their belief system and therefore will want a different design.  Don’t hesitate to discuss this with your tattoo design artist. For instance the crucifixion of Jesus as illustrated by the people of the Catholic faith is much more realistic than other Christian illustrations.  This is not a negative statement; it is an example of preference and expression which is what body art is all about.  This applies to Jesus tattoos as well.

IXOYE has to be one of the most interesting of the Jesus tattoos.  Sometimes we see IXOYE included inside the fish symbol and sometime we see these letters on the cross.  Additionally they are added underneath portraiture Jesus tattoos.  The meaning of IXOYE is rather lengthy. Here is the brief version.  It is an acronym that represents the letters that spell out the word fish in the Greek language.  Each letter has a meaning. The full meaning of all the letters together is something close to this, Jesus, Son of God, Our Savior.  This is why we see the letters IXOYE inside the fish symbol. IXOYE is a symbol for fish but also is a symbol for the phrase above; very symbolic and very meaningful.

Jesus carrying his cross

Jesus carrying his cross – tattoo inspiration

Another version of Jesus tattoos are those of Jesus carrying His cross to the site of the crucifixion.  These Jesus tattoos are usually inked in medium size and tattooed in shaded black.  The detail work rather demands this style.

Tribal art is starting to find its way into Jesus tattoos and some rather beautiful work is out there.  One of the most remarkable designs is to spell out the word “Jesus” in tribal curvature design. You really have to look to see that the tribal art is actually lettering.  Spelling the word “Jesus” is becoming a more popular among Jesus tattoos.  Celebrity Katy Perry has the word Jesus tattooed on the underside of her wrist.

Coloring & Placement of Jesus Tattoos

Coloring and placement of Jesus tattoos is totally dependent on your choice.  The majority of the portraiture Jesus tattoos is placed on the shoulder and is inked in shades of black.  Again the detail involved in this type of tattoo almost requires the all black and shading.  The shoulder is just the perfect shape.  Fish and word Jesus tattoos wear well on the wrist, neck, arm, back, hand, chest, and forearm.

More Jesus Tattoos, Symbols and Images for Inspiration

Jesus tattoo

Jesus tattoo

Jesus Christ Forearm Tattoo

jesus tattoo

Jesus with halo


Jesus as a sheperd - your next tattoo?


jesus christ tattoo "cristo"

Jesus christ tattoo – “cristo”

John 3:16 golgata tattoo

Golgata plus John 3:16

"Only God can judge me" tattoo

“Only God can judge me” tattoo


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