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last supper christian tattoo

Amazing “The Last Supperchristian tattoo

Christian tattoos can include anybody or any religion that recognizes Jesus Christ as the son of God.  This includes a lot of different churches, organizations and individuals.  Some of the most requested tattoos are from a time when we do not have recorded history but much research has been done on the different subjects and we will do our best to present the different approaches.  Below is a list of the most requested Christian tattoos.

Ideas for Christian Tattoos

Christian Cross Tattoos – Christian cross tattoos can be very minimalist; a simple wooden cross with no other ornamentation to very elaborate.  The more elaborate versions would include Jesus on the cross with all the implements used during the crucifixion along with other added features of worship, such as symbols that might include his mother, and or disciples.

Christian Cross Tattoos for Women – Christian cross tattoos for women would of course include a cross but then you will want to add some feminine touches possibly.  This depends on your faith and your feeling about the presentation of Christian cross tattoos.  Doves are always a nice touch with the cross for we know that the dove represents Peace and who is Jesus Christ also known as; The Prince of Peace.

Celtic Christian Cross Tattoos – The Celtic Christian cross tattoo is somewhat of an oxymoron.  Let’s see if we can clarify this so when you request this tattoo you don’t end up with the wrong cross.  Celtic people were Pagan.  However they created great tattoo art. Eventually the Celtic cross became a Christian cross through the course of history. Make sure if asking for a Christian cross tattoo you are specific that you want a Christian cross in Celtic style art.

Christian Symbol Tattoos – Christian symbol tattoos could include the cross, medallions, the fish symbol, Jesus, the heavens, an angel or two, portraits of famous persons from the bible, the bible, or the tablet containing the Ten Commandments.  This list is by no means exhaustive; just some ideas.

christian fish tattoo

Christian fish tattoo

Christian Fish Tattoos – Christian Fish Tattoos are perhaps one of the most fascinating of the Christian symbolic tattoos.  While there is no certain history of the fish symbol, a lot of scholarly work has been done on the subject.  Here are a couple of the most likely and favorite meanings;  because at times meetings with Jesus were held in secret because of the danger, He would draw half of the fish in the path and a follower who knew of the fish would draw the other half while on the trail to find him.

Another version is that Jesus would use the fish symbol and scratch it into objects leading the path to where He could be found.  Why He used the fish symbol is uncertain.  What is beautiful about the meaning is that to this day Christians still use the symbol normally to symbolize their Christianity but it also means “searching for Jesus”.   The possibilities of these Christian fish tattoos are as endless as your imagination. Start with the simple design and embellish it as far as you feel comfortable.

Christian Sleeve Tattoos – Christian sleeve tattoos can be absolutely stunning.  Like most sleeve tattoos they are most beautiful when they tell a story.  What story do you want to tell about Christ?  This would be ideas for your Christian sleeve tattoos.  Some examples; the last supper, throwing the money changers out of the temple, on His way to the crucifixion, emerging from the cave after the crucifixion, Mary and Joseph on their way to Bethlehem….you get the idea.  You could use one of these ideas or use several to create his life, including the time he spends as a carpenter.

Christian Tattoos for Girls – Christian tattoos for girls or a young lady could include just about anything.  Some suggestions for a young woman would be a verse, very popular now days that is meaningful to you, taken from the bible. You may want to use the words of Jesus Himself or one of his disciples. If you want imagery then angels are very feminine; are messengers sent from God just as Jesus was and will be again.

Christian Sayings Tattoos – Christian Sayings Tattoos are created using the font of your choice.  If you’re looking for actual sayings it depends on whether you’re looking for something specific or you want to stay with the more well known.  All Christians who study the bible know there is a passage for every emotion.  There is even a section in Ruth for each day of the month that applies then to the day every woman was born.  If you do not have a guide for sayings that direct you toward a particular emotion, ask your friends or church for this reference to those passages.  Then choose the one that most describes what you are feeling and then pick the appropriate font for the right look for Christian sayings tattoos.

Isaiah 43:2-3 christian bible verse tattoo

Isaiah 43:2-3 bible verse tattoo

Christian Quote Tattoos – Christian quote tattoos and Christian Scripture tattoos, really fall into the same category and are quite similar to the Christian sayings tattoos.  Examples for Christian quote tattoos and Christian scripture tattoos would be the famous John 3:16 tattooed in your favorite font. Another popular Christian quote tattoo is the verse from Corinthians about Love.

Christian Word Tattoos – Christian Word Tattoos is a request that seems a little different than the quotes, sayings or scriptures.  This seems to imply only one word. For Christian word tattoos ideas for one word tattoos would be; Jesus, Love, Jehovah, Grace, Divinity, Holy, Blessed, Joy, and Peace.

Coloring & Placement of Christian Tattoos

Coloring of Christian tattoos is completely dependent on what type of Christian tattoo design you decide upon.  If you choose any of the images, definitely go with color, simply outlining them in black would not do them justice. One exception may be a simple minimalist cross with some shade work in all black.  Other images will be using brown, blues, yellow, gold, red, tan, green, white, and black.  For lettering go with darker ink color for easy reading using  dark blue, green, purple, or black.

Placement of Christian tattoos again depends on size. Lettering wears well on the back for long verses, on the neck for shorter verses, and on the foot and hand for smaller Christian tattoos for meaning.

More Christian Tattoos

 The Last Supper tattoo, christian

The Last Supper tattoo on back

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Jesus tattoo

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Golgotha (Calvary) Tattoo

Jesus on the cross christian tattoo

Jesus on the cross

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Jesus tattoo on shoulder blade

Crucifix Tattoo on Back

Crucifix Tattoo on Back


Angel tattoo “Always with Me”

Angels, cross, beads and God's Hand

Tattoo with angels, cross, beads and God’s Hand

Christian cross tattoos

Christian cross tattoos, one on each wrist

beads tattoo

Large rosary tattoo

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