Tons of Awesome Celtic Tattoos

The Celtic knot, also known as the mystic knot, is one of the most popular Celtic Tattoos and is created from intertwining knots that appear to have no beginning or end. These knots come in many different forms; they can be manipulated to take the shape of plants, animals, and nearly anything else that can be imagined. While a three-cornered, or “trinity knot,” is the most popular of these styles, any other continuous knot pattern is also true to the Celtic style. Because of their continuous nature, Celtic knots are said to represent the ongoing nature of the human spirit, or the circle of life. For a similar reason, these knots are thought to represent a continuous and uninterrupted life cycle, which is why many people wear them as talismans to ward off illness.

Many people who wish to harness the idea of a never-ending cycle choose to get a Celtic-inspired tattoo. If you are considering getting any Celtic body art, check out these variations for inspiration!


Celtic Star Tattoo

Celtic knots surround this punk-rock star.



 Tree of Life Tattoo

Made of intertwining leaves and roots, the tree of life symbolizes life and death.

celtic tattoo on back


Celtic Knot Designs

The intricate Celtic designs on this tattoo are too numerous to mention.

celtic tattoo on arm


Celtic Winged Tattoo

A winged Celtic knot could represent any number of things, like an angel, a bird, or a messenger.

celtic tattoo on back


Celtic Bat Tattoo

This dark Celtic tattoo looks like an abstract bat.

celtic tattoo on back


Celtic Sun Tattoo

A Celtic knot completes the center of this sun tattoo.

celtic tattoo on wrist



 Celtic Tree of Life Tattoo

Bright colors bring this Celtic tattoo to life.

celtic tattoo on calf


Celtic Maple Leaf Tattoo

Celtic knots form a maple leaf shape in this cool Canadian tattoo.

celtic tattoo on back


 Celtic Cross Tattoo

Celtic designs give this Christian symbol new life.

celtic tattoo on back


 Celtic Arm Band Tattoo

Gold knots form a band around a green background on this celtic tattoo.

celtic tattoo on shoulder



 Celtic Lizard Tattoo

Celtic designs combine to form a small blue lizard tattoo.

celtic tattoo on forearm


Celtic Knot Tattoo

Intricate knots form a very interesting design for this celtic tattoo.

celtic tattoo



Celtic Flower Tattoo

Celtic knots form a beautiful flower in this tattoo.


celtic tattoo




 Celtic Design Tattoo

This triangular design incorporates leaf patterns.

celtic tattoo

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