16 Beautiful Butterfly Tattoos

Because of the very visible stages of development they go through, butterflies are said to represent maturity and change in a person’s life. A butterfly starts out as an unassuming caterpillar, with no real outstanding features. However, it eventually cocoons itself in a chrysalis, and after a period of time it emerges from its shell as a beautiful butterfly. Butterflies are a reminder that even the plainest of caterpillars will someday grow wings and begin a new life.

This transformation is a symbol of hope for people who are going through difficult times, and who desire change in their own lives. For this reason, butterfly tattoos have come to represent personal development and growth.

If you are thinking about getting a  butterfly tattoo to commemorate a change in your life, or if you are hoping that you will soon find yourself in a new situation, check out these butterfly tattoos for inspiration.

Butterfly Tattoo Behind the Ear

This small butterfly tattoo is located behind the ear, an increasingly popular location for small tattoos.


Realistic Butterfly Tattoo

Sitting on a beautiful cherry blossom branch, this butterfly looks very peaceful and beautiful.

butterfly tattoo on arm

Large Blue Butterfly Tattoo

The shoulder blade is a perfect location for this large blue butterfly tattoo.

butterfly tattoo on shoulder blade


Small Monarch Tattoo

This small butterfly looks as though it is about to take flight.

butterfly tattoo on shoulder blade


Whimsical Butterfly Tattoo

The wings of this butterfly, in conjunction with its lack of body, give it a whimsical look.

butterfly tattoo on back


Purple Butterfly Tattoo

This purple butterfly tattoo looks great with the pink cherry blossoms further down her back.

butterfly tattoo on shoulder


Butterfly Lower Back Tattoo

This is a very popular design with many women looking for a lower back tattoo.

butterfly tattoo on lower back


Butterfly Hand Tattoo

This small butterfly tattoo on the hand is colorful and bright.

butterfly tattoo on wrist




Indian-Inspired Butterfly Tattoo

The bright colors and intricate designs of this butterfly tattoo are reminiscent of henna designs.


butterfly tattoo on back

Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo

This brightly colored shoulder butterfly tattoo looks great and is easily visible in tank tops or beach wear.

butterfly tattoo on shoulder


Butterfly Foot Tattoo

The placement of this monarch butterfly tattoo would look great in flats or flip-flops.

butterfly tattoo on foot


Small Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

This small butterfly, accompanied by a date, might represent a meaningful event or the death of a loved one.

butterfly tattoo on wrist


Blue Butterfly Tattoo

These blue butterflies are a whimsical piece of body art.

butterfly tattoo on calf



Tribal Butterfly Tattoo

These butterflies flutter around a large, bold tribal pattern.

butterfly tattoo on back


Black and White Butterfly Tattoo

This black and white butterfly tattoo looks great on the inside of the arm.

butterfly tattoo on forearm


Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

These highly detailed monarch butterflies adorn the  right side of a woman’s back.

butterfly tattoo on back

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