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Barcode Tattoos have had some interest in the past but are becoming more requested as time goes on.  For those of you who do not know what a barcode is; check any product in a grocery store that has those black stripes in about a one inch square with tiny numbers below the stripes all laid over a white background.  Barcode is what is scanned by either a handheld device or over the glass counter by the clerk.

Barcode Tattoo Ideas

Great Barcode Tattoos

You may ask yourself, why would anyone want barcode tattoos?  Actually for quite a few reasons; most of the time people wear barcode tattoos where they are visible because they want to make a statement.  While they are body art, they are body art that is meant to make statement in this cyber world.  Some people believe that it is “the mark of the beast” written and prophesized about in the chapter Revelation from the Christian Bible. Some people see it as a symbol that replaces people by way of eliminating jobs or that we humans are all just a number with a barcode as well. For some it’s status symbol and has no relationship whatsoever to the above philosophies or religious connotations.  Some replicate the barcodes in the way barcode tattoos, found on very expensive items, purveying the meaning that they too, are very expensive or their worth is valuable.

This gives rise to a discussion of the various barcode tattoos, designs and styles that we see people wearing and the significance of placement.  For mark of the beast barcode tattoos, it has been prophesized that we will be marked upon the forehead or the hand, depending on your interpretation.  So it’s not uncommon to see barcode tattoos on the forehead.  However, even though the prophecy also states we will be assigned a number, people choose to have a word tattooed under the barcode instead; words like, slave, human, being, etc.

As you can see it’s really the placement of the barcode tattoos and the wording underneath that brings significance to this body art.  So if choosing barcode tattoos get creative with your wording and placement.  This is your opportunity to make statement.

Awesome Barcode Tattoos

If you are in the group that feels we are no longer viewed as humans and are being replaced by mere numbers, then choose words that strongly and succinctly states who you are.  Some suggestion are; proud woman,  a mother, a father, living being, child of God, Breathes Air, Self sustaining, organic being, earth organism, Child of the Earth, and so on.  Remember you will have to keep it short because barcode tattoos and barcodes themselves are a certain size.  However, this is art.  Art is still allowed freedom and if you want a giant barcode go for it!

For the people who want to have barcode tattoos representing expensive items, visit stores with expensive items or shop the web and try to magnify the barcode of you favorite expensive item.

Coloring & Placement of Barcode Tattoos

Coloring – Barcodes are exclusively black and white.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t use a very dark green, blue or purple.  In addition the wording you choose to use underneath barcode tattoos could be inked in color which would draw more attention to your statement. Red always looks great with black, but so does every color.  Stay away from yellow, though unless you want to look generic.

Placement – Visibility is the key with barcode tattoo designs.  They’re small so you can place them anywhere you want.

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