Gemini Tattoos

Zodiac signs have always been popular with men and women in tattoos. Gemini tattoos represent the third sign of the zodiac known as the twins with birthdates falling in from May 21 to June 20. Traits of the Gemini look great when worked in to the tattoo also. Some very common traits seen in Gemini personalities are the trickster, sociable, curiosity, cleverness, commutations and interacting. Gemini tattoos are most often seen two vertical lines and two horizontal lines crossing at the top and the bottom of the vertical lines.

A simple design to use for Gemini tattoos is the glyph which resembles the Roman numeral II. This design works will when tattooed on the upper body in good size in bold dark ink. A pair of yellow roses at a 45 degree angle across the left side of the glyph. The yellow used in the rose represents the color of Gemini. Small versions of this tattoo look great on the ankle or even the waist. For you ladies a very small design, tattooed behind the ear will look great.

Gemini tattoos with a manlier feel, but not just for men that look great, are two skeletons from the waist up facing opposite directions with their backs to the two vertical lines with mild scare factor representing the twins, but it will need great detail and shadow work. Two small tribal razor wire horizontal lines one at the top and bottom with a circle tribal razor pattern going around the image with the sharp edges all in yellow. This design will look great in a medium scale with plenty of coloring on the skull in dark grey and grey on the upper shoulder, chest, forearm or waist. Smaller versions will look great on the neck, wrist, inside of the forearm and calf.

For a bold statement try Gemini tattoos in a Celtic knot pattern to make a band. The two vertical lines in a twisting pattern, with one strand in green and the second in yellow. The two horizontal lines tattooed in dark ink. Repeat this two more times to create the center of an arm band. The borders of the band will look great in the Celtic knot pattern in bold dark ink to draw the focus to the Gemini pattern. This band Gemini tattoos pattern will look great on the upper arm or lower leg. Small versions look good as a finger band or wrist band.  A large version of just the center part of the tattoo leaving out the band sections will look great running over the shoulder, around the waist and on the lower back. The idea here is to wrap the image to conceal part of the tattoo from view.

Gemini tattoos can be a fun design to work with. The ideas here are given to help grease the thinking wheel. Be sure to check with your tattoo artist for their options and experience. Check the galleries for even more great Gemini tattoos designs or go wild on a design all of your own.