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Reportedly, there are at least one hundred fallen angels, all holding different ranks and able to move among them. Searching fallen angel tattoos will take a little time to choose the right design. In this article I will attempt a well rounded discourse because the beliefs surrounding fallen angels are slightly convoluted.

Fallen angel tattoos are often designed with a human body, sans clothing; plus wings. Often they are in a pose that intimates shame. This is where the beliefs become varied. Did the angel actually fall from heaven, no, they descended to Earth. The reasons they descended will be important to the meaning of fallen angel tattoos and to you if the meaning is important.

Fallen angels are believed by most Christians to have been, banished from heaven or never made it in. Satan is the most extreme and well known example of a fallen angel. Satan was banished because of pride, essentially. He thought he was better than God. If this is the category of fallen angel tattoos you’re looking for, the design possibilities are endless. Satan is often depicted as a dragon or his usual upright form, red with flames, and an evil flavor.

Some fallen angels are believed to have been rejected from heaven for having lived a sinful life. In this case perhaps fallen angel tattoos with the angels head held down as if in shame, is appropriate. Some people believe these angels are wondering around earth waiting for the chance for redemption and then to gain entry to heaven. Fallen angel tattoos of this type may show men or women in angel form with halos or as humans with wings. It seems it would be appropriate to have these fallen angels looking up towards their goal.

Another belief is that fallen angels possess free will and after visiting earth, some decided to take up life on earth instead of heaven. The usual reason is because they have fallen in love with a human. In this case the cause for fall is noted as lust rather than pride. But of course this is subjective. Within the designs of fallen angel tattoos this scenario offers a plethora of variables. Imagine, being chosen by an angel for your life partner. Visualize that as a scene of the angel and the human creating their life together. This tattoo would work well for men or women especially on the back.

One last interpretation of fallen angel tattoos is that of a person who has fallen from grace. In other words, they no longer feel that they have a relationship with God. These types of fallen angel tattoos will require some creative design between you and your design artist. The concept is that we will all become angels at some point. But some feel they have fallen from grace before their initial interview. How does this translate in body art? Shopping tattoo images and the gallery will help give you some ideas. After choosing your design, some people have actually had the word “fallen” inked somewhere around the tattoo. Suggestion: Leave room for the words, “no longer” just in case your life takes a turn.

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