Tons of Beautiful Angel Tattoos

Humans have always been fascinated with the idea of an afterlife, and especially of having a special guardian who looks after them. In modern cultures, we usually refer to these protectors as our “guardian angels.” Angels are especially prominent throughout Christianity, as followers believe that angels are entities that have close affiliations with God. In the Bible, angels are used as messengers between God and mortals, and serve a very important purpose for spreading the word of God.

Some people also believe that the spirits of deceased loved ones become angels in the afterlife, giving us a way to connect with those we love and miss. It is very comforting to think that a friend or family member is sitting in heaven with our best interests at heart.

Whether for religious purposes or in memory of a loved one, angels are a very popular subject matter for tattoos. Here are some great examples of angel-themed body art.


 Masculine Angel Tattoo

This tattoo is a beautiful depiction of a strong male angel.
angel tattoo


Colorful Angel Tattoo

This angel tattoo uses bright colors to draw attention to the wings.
angel tattoo on back


Skeletal Angel Tattoo

This image of a skeletal figure with wings combines differing ideas of death and the afterlife.

angel tattoo on arm


Angel with Halo

This angel tattoo is complete with a halo and hands in a praying position.

angel tattoo on arm


Beautifully Shaded Angel Tattoo

The artist uses shading to create the image of an angel wrapped in its own wings.

angel tattoo on forearm


Female Angel Tattoo

This tattoo features a beautiful woman as an angel.

angel tattoo on calf


Angel Wings Tattoo

These angel wings give the wearer the appearance of being an angel.

angel wings tattoo on back


Small Angel Wings

These small angel wings might be a tribute to a loved one.

angel wings tattoo on back


Male Angel Tattoo

This image of a male angel makes for a great tattoo.

angel tattoo on shoulder blade


Angel with Snake Tattoo

This angel is depicted with another Biblical image; that of a snake.

angel tattoo on back


Angel Rib Cage Tattoo

This unique angel tattoo is located on the man’s rib cage.

angel tattoo on rib cage

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