Anchor Tattoos

When tattoos were first introduced into Western cultures, they were often associated with two groups: criminals and military men. This association with members of the military, especially sailors, has made anchor tattoos a very popular option for many years. However, anchor tattoos do not just represent an affiliation with the Navy; there are many other meanings that make anchor tattoos a popular choice.

For hundreds of years, anchors have been associated with Christianity; Christians in the Roman Empire used to wear crosses as a way to identify themselves to one another without being detected by a government that oppressed their religion.

The anchor is also a symbol of stability and adherence to values; just as it keeps the boat from roaming, an anchor tattoo can remind a person to hold on to the things they hold dear.

If you are considering getting an anchor tattoo, check out some of these pictures for inspiration.


Black and Red Anchor Tattoo

This black and red anchor tattoo is accented by an interesting message.


 Ankle Anchor Tattoo

This small ankle tattoo is a great piece of nautical body art.

anchor tattoo on ankle


Flower and Anchor Tattoo

This anchor tattoo gets a feminine touch with a small flower in the center.

anchor tattoo on calf


Colorful Anchor Tattoo

This anchor tattoo is complete with vibrant colors.

anchor tattoo on arm


Nautical Tattoo

This anchor tattoo has lots of great details; you can even see the wood grain!

anchor tattoo


Chain Anchor Tattoo

This small anchor tattoo is depicted on the end of a chain.

anchor necklace tattoo


Black, Red, and Yellow Anchor Tattoo

The shading on this body art gives the anchor a vintage look.

anchor tattoo


Dual Anchor Tattoos

With an anchor tattoo on each arm, this man gives his body art a truly nautical feel.

anchor tattoo on forearm



Chest Anchor Tattoo

This anchor tattoo makes for an interesting chest piece, complete with flowers and rope.

anchor tattoo on chest



Girly Anchor Tattoo

A bright pink bow finishes off this anchor tattoo.

anchor tattoo on forearm



Heart and Anchor Tattoo

The heart and arrows give this tattoo a unique look.

anchor tattoo



Rope and Anchor Tattoo

The rope around this anchor forms a heart.

anchor tattoo



Anchor and Waves Tattoo

The details of hearts, diamonds, and filigree set this anchor tattoo apart from the rest.

anchor tattoo



Black and White Anchor Tattoo

This delicate anchor tattoo is done in subtle tones of black and white.

anchor tattoo on toe



Navy Anchor and Sparrow Tattoo

The combination of an anchor and a sparrow give a modern edge to traditional Navy tattoos.

anchor tattoo on rib cage


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