wildflower tattoo

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wildflower tattoo

My Tattoo Story

I enjoy hiking and found this wildflower, couldn’t find the name for it on the internet but really liked it anyway so I took a pic into my tattoo guy and he did a great job

When and Where

I got it done Feb 2011 in Roseburg, Oregon at High Priestess. Brian did this for me as well as a few others.

The Experience

I was a little nervous about it being painful on my lower stomach but it wasn’t that bad. The tattoo was actually done at different times- 1st one side and then went back for the other later. Brian is a great tattoo artist and a good friend.

The Future

I am getting another tattoo tomorrow- Feb 12, 2012. I will post it when it is healed

flowers, stomach


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  1. Adar B. says:

    It looks great and lined up very well!

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