Sexy pin up girl/my wife

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Sexy pin up girl/my wife

My Tattoo Story

I always wanted a pin up tattoo and I fell in love with my wife right out of high school. I always wanted to see her as a pin up. She was pretty upset when she saw the pin up tattoo because I got the artist to put her face on the girl, but then I also get her drawn with her high school body so you know I did her a favor too. I love the booty on my pin up! the artist did a siiick job, it’s just what I wanted. I’d thought about a pin up for a long time but I hadn’t really thought about making my wife into a pin up for a while. I came up with the idea with my buddies one day while we were at work just shooting out mouths off but I thought the idea was great. The pin up tattoo has meaning for me because it’s my wife and I get to her have with me all the time this way. I hadn’t exactly planned it. I wanted to get something for my wife so this was a good idea I though, she wasn’t too impressed at the pin up tattoo but I think she’s forgiven me.

When and Where

I got the tattoo done at Mainstreet Tattoo in Salem Va. The girl that did it did a pretty awesome job. I love how it turned out and she did a good job on the face seeing as its so small. i got the tattoo done in 2009. I’m from here so it’s hometown.

The Experience

The experience was great. Had to sneak in with a pic of the wife on the way home from work one day so I could get it drawn up before making the appointment. I chose that studio because it’s on the way home from work so I could just pretend I was working late and not go out of my way too much and surprise her. It burned real bad on the detail parts like the stockings and the tattoo. The artist said she was using smaller needles for the detail on the pin up tattoo so I understand why. I was more nervous my wife was gonna call in the middle of the tattoo and catch me. I wasnt nervous actually getting the pin up tattoo.

The Future

I want more tattoos if the wife will let me! I havent made up my mind on anything particular but I love hot rods so a hot rod tattoo to go with my pin up would be pretty sweet.

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