Never Give Up Lettering

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Never Give Up Lettering

My Tattoo Story

I got this tattoo just after I passed basic. I wanted something to remind me of my training from going in the military, this tattoo is important to me because it means a lot now that the military is my life. The lettering tattoo says never give up because that way I can remind myself that when thigns are tough or when I’m in a tough situation that I can’t give up and let things get to me. It’s also made me think a few times when I’ve been in a tough situation with a girl that if its worth something its worth fighting for. I didn’t really think much about the tattoo beforehand. A lot of the guys were getting tattoos once we got to our first post. My first tattoo was my unit on my arm and then I got this one soon after. I did look at different letters and styles beforehand so I did a bit of planning for the lettering tattoo beforehand. I chose old English because I like how bold it is.

When and Where

I got the tattoo done in San Antonio Texas. It was done when I went home for my first leave just before I got deployed for the first time. I wanted to get something important and I knew this was going to be the best time to get it because I probably wouldn’t have time to get it while I was deployed. The studio is off of Main street, it’s a pretty big place and it’s well known so I wouldn’t have really thought about going anywhere else. I guess I had to travel to get there being that I’m stationed elsewhere now.

The Experience

It was pretty good. I wanted to get bigger lettering but it was pretty expensive. It hurt pretty bad compared to the one on my arm and I wasn’t expecting that. I wasn’t nervous because the first one didn’t hurt so I didn’t think the lettering tattoo would be as bad as it was. I put on a few lb just before I got this done so I was hoping that it wouldnt hurt so bad but I was definitely wrong. I lost the weight afterwards and the letters of the tattoo look a little warped now so I wish I had waited to get the tattoo.

The Future

I definitely want to get more tattoos. My wife just got pregnant so when she has the baby I’m going to get something. I really like the tattoos that people get of the baby feet so probably those and maybe the name. We don’t know if we’re having a boy or girl yet so I can’t say for sure what I want to get done.

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